Demon honour wants to embrace: little phoenix looks for candle day, a fierce operation is too lovely, how many people stand wrong line?

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If there is one character in the film who does not drag his feet in matters of affection, it should be Xiao Phoenix.He knew what he wanted from the start, and he knew exactly who he liked.And this time, he flew back because of this love, but he circled in the air for a long time, still can’t go into the Kunlun ruins.This time a long time, the little phoenix is anxious, because he does not know how to enter the ruins of Kunlun, but he knows that if you want to enter here, then you must find candle Yue, because in the heart of the little phoenix is the candle yue will send them out, so it will naturally know how to go in.So the little phoenix under the urgency of a fierce operation, directly raised his voice shouted up, according to his meaning, this time he is specifically back to find the candle yue, and to the later estimate will not go again, so the candle yue will leave him?This answer is unknown, but after hearing the cry of the little phoenix, heaven and candle Yue first one leng, then it is to show their feelings of disgust, of course, the disgust of these two people is likely to be two different meaning.The way of Heaven really felt a little vexed, while the candle-day side was a little helpless fidgety.For unsuspecting inside phoenix can bear so much, can’t he afraid of his own voice communication candle’s ear, it is very hard to shout, but don’t know he didn’t say, the face of candle conveniently once, in the end, even across the screen clear orange can feel a little bit cold, but our phoenix but no this aspect of consciousness,Still in a sound and a sound of their own words.Looking at him like this, qing Orange suddenly felt a little simple is also very good, at least he will not think of a person too complicated, therefore, no matter what things are very clever and lovely.However, it is worth mentioning that in this shout, there are a lot of information was called out by the phoenix, so suddenly found himself standing in the wrong place orange?But in hindsight, this can not blame za, after all, the appearance of these two people is too confusing, then the question comes, who and Qing Orange as standing in the wrong team?There is candle yue since is a big villain, phoenix so rashly to find him really good?Because the candle, the meaning of phoenix is likely to be in his night around ideas from a look line, of course not voluntarily when undercover, phoenix, after all, will not do harm night ideas and the statue of things, but consider when injected into the body of the butterfly and the late candle through the butterfly in the human situation, total feel phoenix this back looking for candle will be fraught with danger, you think?