Chunyan this kind of character of the woman, probably is the “world ideal” bar

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After watching several episodes of “The World”, it is clear why this ordinary life drama can become so popular.Family trifles, human fireworks, how many old people collected precious memories ah.# period drama why more and more popular # father rely on their own efforts, the family’s rural registered permanent residence into the urban registered permanent residence, the children as adults encountered the mountain to the countryside policy, a family of 5 people, had to face scattered to the far and wide situation.The eldest son is in the construction corps in the frontier area, the second daughter and the youngest son must be assigned to one of them. The rebellious Zhou Rong chooses to leave without saying goodbye and goes to the difficult conditions in the mountains of Guizhou, for the reason of following love (following Beijing poets).But dad was so mad, he didn’t want to talk to her for years.Lei Jiayin’s Zhou Bingkun is the audience’s favorite character, filial, honest, kind-hearted.He is looking for a good wife, Yin Tao played Zheng Juan hardworking practical, just rely on their own ability, in the zhou home has been recognized.Conversely, zhou Dad Zhou Mom is also a kind person, with zheng Juan such an identity, it is difficult to let a worker family accept, her reputation is married, her ex-husband is sentenced to death, there is an eye bad brother in the home.A seemingly impossible to crack the dead end, was Zhou Bingkun with ancestral bracelets unlock, Zheng Juan is also a good man.On the other hand, I think it’s too bad bingkun didn’t get to marry Chunyan.What a good woman, both parents are satisfied with the marriage, after all, or a strange combination of circumstances yellow.How delightful are spring swallows?These three characteristics of her will be popular in any era.Straight-forward enthusiasm and bingkun childhood friends grew up chunyan, are light word piece residents, parents are familiar with, the same family environment the same life course, as said is a perfect pair (if each other have a good feeling).But Byung-kun never treated her like a woman.In fact, too familiar is not a good thing, there is no young men and women have that kind of feelings.Why say unfortunately, bingkun this kind of dull coquescent character, just to make up for the enthusiasm of spring yan.Chunyan’s personality is generous and straightforward, typical of northeast People.There is nothing hidden, dare to love and hate, wronged will speak out in time, there will never be misunderstanding caused by poor communication.It’s not tiring to make friends with such people.Chunyan take the initiative to pursue bingkun, blunt: I like your droopy eyes big ears.Bing Kun fled her pursuit, she jumped on the car seat, the initiative to create opportunities.A lot of people say that a woman is too active, will let a man do not cherish, the truth is right, but to see the man is not on her mind.If bingkun is really interested in her, his kind of character will not take the initiative to say it out, but also rely on the woman to attack to break barriers.Later Zheng Juan did not take the initiative to vindicate it, he this kind of man has a woman to take the initiative, otherwise you wait until the end of time he is still hesitating how to say export.Chunyan fell in love with Debao, through the other side of the quilt, the instant decision to buckle up the pot, let Debao married her, let the family can not object.Again, I don’t agree with that.Debo is sweet and romantic.Really live as bingkun, no observation is anxious to marry yourself in the past, chunyan’s direct enthusiasm only once used in the wrong place.See open Spring Yan was assigned to the bathhouse dry pedicures work, the family are very uncomfortable, a big girl all day holding big old man’s smelly feet, more diaphragm.But Chunyan soon open, is not dry bath hall, is not pedicure, somebody else can I Can also do Chunyan!Capable not, also have to do out of fame, because the technology is good to treat people warm, the unit up and down are her respect her, face.After chunyan married in the past, the drama is much less, bingkun saw her again, is already after she gave birth to the child.After being beaten by life, Chunyan earnestly advised Bingkun to consider marriage, but also smiling self digestion.After marriage, Debao lost her romance and lost her harmonica. She was accompanied by her baby’s crying, diapers and endless family chores. Then she realized that it was much more comfortable to go to work than to take care of children.Accompanied by the sudden sound of children crying in the house, Chunyan smiled and opened the door and went in — after all, she still frankly accepted the reality, pain and happiness.Regret once the decision, but not hypocritical and tangled.It is a blessing for a woman and her family to manage her present life and look ahead.High eq Chunyan in front of everyone ask Xiao Guoqing’s girlfriend Wu Qian: do you still shave every day now?At that time Wu Qian blush thick neck, almost turned, full table eyes stare small eyes.Not to mention their embarrassment, the audience in front of the screen felt frozen.In fact, she did not want to make a fool of herself in public, but wanted to introduce his master to her, by the way, let everyone have something to talk about, there is a problem everyone together to find a way to solve it, everyone will be happy, not to solve it is better than suffocating in the heart.Words said everyone suddenly, also let Wu Qian untie the knot, moved to tears in her eyes, do friends do not have to be so?Direct enthusiasm is a good character, but if with low emotional intelligence, it is called rash, is to minute offend people.The most pleasing thing about Chunyan is her high eq. She knows how to turn herself around and help others.In those circumstances, enough sensitivity would have saved them from unnecessary trouble, so Chunyan is extremely clever (see the scene in which Chunyan burns bingkun’s letter as soon as she prevents him from reading it).The vast majority of people in this play are intrinsically good, sincere and simple, which is hard to find nowadays.However, under the influence of The Times, some people also imperceptibly changed their original mind.This includes, of course, spring swallows.If Chun Yan had married Bing Kun, under the influence of her lover, she might not have done such a thing.As the saying goes, he who keeps company with men is always black. This is true.When we were young, we were all very warm-blooded and sincere. After getting married and starting a career, we would think about our family more or less, which is totally understandable.Is the so-called: life is right and wrong, because the position is different.