Winter Olympics headlines | Xu Mengtao today air skills gold, Gu Ailing Su Yiming appearance qualification

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The Chinese men’s ice hockey team has shown their efforts.China lost 5-0 to Canada in group A of men’s ice hockey at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Wednesday, while the United States beat Germany 3-2.Traditionally a powerhouse in ice hockey, Canada’s men have competed in 23 Winter Olympics, winning nine gold, five silver and three bronze MEDALS.Team Canada, ranked number one in the world, is also considered one of the favorites to win the Games.Canada put on a strong show in the first period, taking a 3-0 lead in just half of the period, while China did not score but managed 10 shots on goal.”I’m proud of the players,” China coach Zanata Ivano said after the match. “What I really value is not the score, but the effort they showed on the court.””We know what we are capable of and there may be mistakes, but the effort of the players was there for everyone to see.”He said the next thing for the team is to rest and then prepare for the next knockout round.At this point, the Beijing Winter Olympics men’s ice hockey group stage all ended, the United States, Russia Olympic team, Finland with the identity of the first straight through to the quarterfinals, as the result of the best group second, Sweden also locked up a place in the quarterfinals.The other eight teams will compete against each other for the other four spots in the quarterfinals on Thursday.Hwang dae-heon raises the skate when he fouls.Defending champion Wu Dajing failed to qualify for the men’s 500-meter short-track speed skating semifinal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 13.During the match, Korean player Hwang Dae-heon made a foul, and Wu Dae-jing was also affected to avoid the foul.Hwang made a very obvious foul when he passed Dubois, which not only affected dubois’ sliding, but also directly affected Wu Dajing.And when Huang Daxian lost the balance, he did not put away the ice knife, but the blade stood up, wu Dajing behind him a little careless, there is a disillusion and the danger of serious injury.Wang Meng, former head coach of China’s short track speed skating team, also commented on Wu’s performance, saying wu had no problem in strength and failed to qualify for the final because of Hwang’s interference.”Dajing had no choice but to be disturbed in that position, and Hwang dae-heon’s knife was raised.I think there should be a communication, his action is too dangerous, Wu Dajing is to avoid this dangerous action, if normal sliding will kick his skate on.”Wu Dajing repeatedly said “regret” after the game.Han Tianyu wishes Wu Dajing: After the match, former teammate Han Tianyu also expressed his blessing and tribute to Wu Dajing through his personal micro blog.Han tianyu and Wu Dajing are teammates on the short-track speed skating team — Han tianyu won silver in the 1,500m in Sochi 2014 and bronze in the 5,000m relay with Wu Dajing, and he and Wu also competed together in Pyeongchang 2018 to win silver in the 5,000m relay.Han Tianyu was not selected for the Winter Olympics due to injury.”From Sochi to Pyeongchang and then to Beijing, you skated three times. You treated each race as a final. I want to say that if you win, you will have no regrets!Come back safely!I’ll wait for you!”Gu Ailing will compete in Zhangjiakou division.Due to bad weather, some events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have been adjusted, and four gold MEDALS will be awarded on The 14th.In women’s freestyle skiing aerials, Xu Mengtao, the veteran of the four dynasties, will make another attempt at gold.Gu Ailing and Su Yiming, two young men who won gold and silver respectively, will also make another appearance.Su Yi sound.Gu Ailing and Su Yiming will join Yang Shuorui in the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle qualification, which was postponed from 13th to 14th due to bad weather.Su Yiming, who won a silver medal, will compete in the men’s snowboard platform qualification at Shougang Park.On March 14, 2021, Gu Won the gold medal in women’s slopestyle at the Freestyle Skiing World Championships.It is worth mentioning that Estonian Sildaru is also the favorite to win the World Cup. She has won two World Cups this season, including 93.75 points in mammoth Mountain, the United States, gu Ailing was the second with 91 points in that race.Another Chinese contestant is Yang Shuorui, 17, who will compete in 24th place.Yang shuorui won the 2019 IAAF slopestyle championship in South Korea.Yang also won the 2020-21 national freestyle ski slopestyle championship last year.In December 2021, Su became the first Chinese to win the snowboard Big Jump World Cup.Previously, In March 2020, Su Yiming unlocked the first 1620 degree triple somersault.In January 2021, Su completed the first 1800-degree backfoot turn in the history of Snowboarding in China.On October 28, 2021, While preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics in stubar, Austria, Su yiming successfully challenged the Bs1980IndyCrail (1980 degree inside grip), becoming the first athlete in the world to complete the maneuver, which was certified by the Guinness Book of Records.After winning the silver medal in men’s slopestyle, Su said he will focus more and strive for the best and most difficult routine on the big platform.”Slopestyle is all about fluency, putting everything together.But the big jumps are really the hardest ones, and everyone is trying to do their best, so I need to have a good performance to fight for the result, but the most important thing for me is to enjoy the competition.”Xu mengtao expects the medal to turn gold.Xu Mengtao, Kong Fanyu and Shao Qi of China will compete for the women’s aerials gold medal in freestyle skiing at 8 PM tonight.This will be xu’s fourth Winter Olympics. Her best result in the previous three Games was silver in Sochi.Kong fanyu also won a bronze medal in this event in Pyeongchang.Shao Qi, who was born after 2000, is a newcomer to the Winter Olympics.Xu mengtao has been in excellent form this season, setting a new women’s aerials record with 26 World Cup championships and is the favorite to win the event.Xu Mengtao already in mixed groups and Gu Zongyang, JiGuangPu hand in hand to the Chinese team won a silver medal, after Xu Mengtao immediately hugged teammates Gu Zongyang turnovers, but for her, the games are likely to be her last Olympics, today’s air skills, she want to “the first gold medal of the individual.However, due to bad weather, the qualifying round was postponed from The 13th to the 14th, the same day as the final, which put Xu’s fitness to the test.Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu.Wang Shiyue, Liu Xinyu, ice dance strive for history today, figure skating will have a gold medal in ice dance.In the rhythm dance competition, China’s Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu ranked 12th with 73.41 points to advance to the final of the ice dance free dance, and created the best result in the history of The Chinese team in the Winter Olympics ice dance event.In ice dance, there is a certain gap between Chinese team and European and American high-level athletes.After placing 22nd in Pyeongchang, Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu made remarkable progress under the guidance of a high-level coach.Liu xinyu said before the games that China’s best ice dance performance in The Winter Olympics was the 18th place at the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics in France, and that it was their motivation and expectation to achieve a new record.After the rhythm dance competition, China’s Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu ranked 12th and advanced to the competition of free dance.In that event, the Russian Olympic team’s two pairs — 2021 world champion Snitna/Kasarapov and 2022 Euro champion Stepanova/Bukin — are among the favorites, along with world No. 2 Madison Jock/Evan Bates of the United States.China’s Huai Mingming during the competition.Women’s single mover wins first Olympic Gold medal today, the women’s single mover will compete in the third and fourth rounds before winning the first gold medal at the Winter Olympics.At present, Chinese players Huai Mingming, Ying Qing respectively ranked 5th, 8th, they will stand on the podium to launch a challenge.Women’s solo bobsled is a new addition to the games, with each rider having to ski four times over two days. The winner is the one with the least total time. A total of 20 athletes will compete.Humphries was first after two runs in 2:09.10, with Canada’s Christina DeBruine and Germany’s Laura Nolte second and third.China’s Huai Mingming was fifth in 2:10.90, while Ying Qing was eighth in 2:11.15.”Compared with Germany, the United States, Canada and other powerful countries in bobsleigh sports, our National bobsleigh team really lags behind,” Huai said in an interview.But this is a home competition, and my teammates and I want to do well in the competition and try to stand on the podium in Beijing.”The Chinese team beat South Korea.The Chinese women’s curling team won the gold and silver MEDALS of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics: Sweden and South Korea, despite falling into a losing streak in previous games.In particular, in the match against South Korea on The 13th, the Chinese women’s curling team almost played its best form since the opening of the tournament.On the 14th morning of the game, The Chinese women’s curling team will meet the Japanese women’s curling team, and strive to win three consecutive games.Wang Rui, a Chinese player, said they felt more confident after winning these two matches. “No matter who the opponent is, we have to do our best, fight every match and play every ball well.”(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)