Seven highway projects will be completed and open to traffic this year

2022-07-18 0 By

News from our newspaper (Sichuan Daily all media reporter Wang Meiling) should climb along the Yangtze High-speed, Danhan high-speed, even le railway……This year, sichuan will make new progress in highway and railway construction.According to the 2022 work of Shu Road Group held on February 15, seven expressway projects including the expansion of the remaining section of Leshanjing in Chengle will be ensured this year, and two railway projects such as Lianle Railway will be completed and opened to traffic.We accelerated the construction of 22 expressways, including the Luzhou-Stone Expressway, and nine railway tracks, including the Chengcheng-Ziyi high-speed railway, the Hambanan High-speed railway and the Du-Si Mountain Track.The remaining section of The expansion of Leshan Boundary includes the gradual change section of “eight lanes to four lanes” from the main line of Chengle Expressway to Leyi Expressway and the new multi-lane section of Leshan transit.Among them, the newly built Leshan transit double line section is a branch line from Chengle-Le Expressway to Emei City. After the section is opened to traffic, the chengle-Le Expressway to Emei City does not need to go through Leshan city.A 42-kilometer luzhou-Yongchuan expressway linking Sichuan and Chongqing will also be completed and open to traffic, becoming another inter-provincial channel between Sichuan and Chongqing.At present, the Chongqing section of The Lu-Yong Expressway has been opened to traffic, and when the Sichuan section opens to traffic, Luzhou will be integrated into the “one-hour economic circle” of Chongqing.Lian Le Railway, which is under accelerated construction, is a general speed railway in our province, connecting Lianjie Town, Weiyuan County, Neijiang City and Leshan Emei Mountain city, with a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour, mainly for freight.After the completion of the railway, it will provide a convenient transportation channel for the rich industrial raw materials, industrial and mineral products along the line, and strengthen the material exchange between the Chengdu-Chongqing line, the Chengdu-Kunming Line and even the southwest region.More inaccessible areas will embrace expressways.Bridge and tunnel ratio as high as 87% of The Han Expressway through Emian, Jinkou River, Ganluo arrived at Han Source, last year, Emei to Emian section has been built open to traffic, is currently working on the rest of the road, will ensure the completion of the construction of 58 kilometers in addition to the grand Canyon tunnel.The yipangjiang Expressway under construction will open to traffic this year. The 30km section from huidong to Huili will be completed. Although the mileage is not long, it will end the history of no expressway between Huidong and Huili.As the first mountain rail transit project in China, the dujiangyan to Siguniang Mountain mountain rail transit project has attracted much attention.According to reports, the dujiangyan to Wolong section of the project has been fully started construction, wolong to Siguniang Mountain section will be started in the near future.In addition, xichang to Shangri-La (sichuan border), Xichang to Ningnan, Kangding to Xindu Bridge, Zizhong to Tongliang (Sichuan border) and five railway projects such as Miansui Inner railway are in preliminary work, and strive to start construction this year.