Lovers filled with anger, to “ten years one product” hit tens of thousands of one star

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Lucifer February 14th is one of the holidays reserved several times a year for dating consumption.This Past Valentine’s Day saw the release of three new domestic films, all of them unsurprisingly about love, the most carefully marketed of which was “Ten Years of Love” :The premiere, scheduled for 13:14, which translates as “A lifetime” in Chinese, grossed nearly 140 million yuan in just half a day, breaking the record for valentine’s Day audiences and box office, and making “Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” the no. 1 movie on the same day.However, the bright data went hand in hand with douban score of 2.7, “Ten Years One Product Wen Ru Yan ugly” was hot search on Weibo embarrassment, the couple out of the cinema wrote on social networks like a statement of fraud experience, the “victims” found:No matter which movie theater you choose to walk into, you’ll end up in the same place — with an online rant.Behind the gap between the record box office and the viewing experience is the life of contemporary Chinese people solidified by an increasingly automated “production-consumption” approach.Being mystified in titles has become the norm for Domestic romances, and “Ten Years of A Product, Warm As Words” has reached new heights of mystification.As of press time, there is no audience said they have figured out “ten years a product temperature such as words” the title is what meaning: “temperature” and “words” better understand, refers to the heroine Of the temperature heng and male hero speech, but this “such as” the word how to solve?Is to say that the temperature balance and speech is actually the same, although in ten years of information impotence but has been infatuation, adhere to the commitment to each other?But the audience see is not like this: in the words of hope to leave The temperature heng, no news of seven years, The temperature heng is lost, doubt, resentment and empathy in the state of love, two people do not speak of “heart to heart”;Or is it just “smoke”?The two rekindled their relationship seven years later, and the tone is hot and dry.In front of that “one product” more inexplicable, what “one product”?Tomson one?The title just doesn’t make sense.”Ten years of Loving You” — “Ten years of loving You”English titles have thrown away all the empty, half-literal idioms and function words in Chinese. I say, old friend, you can’t speed up English early.From the point of view of the English title, Yan Xi is the real hero of the film, because Wen Heng’s love for Yan Xi in the film must have been less than ten years.The odd thing was, words and feelings towards myheng packaged into myheng his story: the story originated from origin odd myheng by native parents home, again sidelined by the original parents, sons and daughters had to stay in the house said bush, but stay in the United States said suddenly returned home and became myheng classmate, such myheng he and his classmates started “cohabitation” life.There is an obvious perversion: myheng living states home did not speak with build relationships, two people is not the law in the sense of the landlord and tenant, nominally “students”, actually “protector” and “protector”, young men and women to skip the stages of love, built the simulation relations of “family”.So the girl’s wen Heng is not so much like a girl in love as like a skilled housewife, in the “family” life, she took the initiative to retire to “boil soup”, “cook”, “stewed ribs” auxiliary status and expressed satisfaction with their own status.Like most domestic romantic films, the love in this film is essentially male-dominated, with women in the position of being stared at and disciplined. However, the male’s longing for “a fairy wife at home” is translated into female’s desire for self.But it is precisely because this “family” relationship is simulated, in essence, is playing house among minors, it can not stand the test of time, but hinder the feelings of minors to the real adult state transition.In the film, there is a key: foster daughter in front of the elder brother wenheng structure Wenheng, yan Xi wu Wenheng’s ears in order to avoid her hearing these harsh words, this “warm heart” scene was also issued to make propaganda posters, but a little think of this scene to convey the logic is very strange:As a deep love temperature balance of men, xi can not expose the lie of defending the name of the temperature balance, also can not speak to explain the temperature balance, but covered her ears, forced her to keep in a spiritual “naive” state, two people relationship of hypocrisy and playfulness is reflected incisively and vividly.The concept of love in “Ten Years one Product Wen Ru Yan” is so simple that “love” is the translation of “getting married”, so “break up” also becomes the translation of “divorce”.From wen Heng and speech xi drunk in the bar that scene can be seen: Ren Min and Ding Yu Xi two stars are actually in accordance with a couple is getting divorced to perform, between the old lovers should have ambiguous, test, unwilling to be naked resentment and anger replaced, husband and wife fighting is this way.The two aren’t even in love, but fast-forward to divorce, and the movie should be categorized as a kind of anti-romance.Myheng after ten years and sure enough, when finally into speech room, found your photos everywhere, the atmosphere in the direction of the thriller film sliding fast, however more shocking is the end of the film: myheng to wear the wedding dress, and put it in the seaside is married, and her one and only when missing “gray” the same dog!Across ten years of time, Wen Heng finally put himself in those days play house delusion into reality: groom, wedding dress, seascape, dog, her mental state has always stagnated in a decade ago, so persistent in the childhood shadow of the role or “the Promise” in Nicholas Tse.Viewers already know that Yan Xi has been hospitalized for seven years due to mental abnormalities, but at the end of the movie, they realize that Wen Heng is the one who is sicker.Forget the bad lines, the characters are stiff, the acting is empty, the details are false, the background is suspended, the common sense is violated…Why, we wonder, is a movie that isn’t even a romantic movie, or even a deeply logical anti-love movie, making so much money on Valentine’s Day?What went wrong?The average viewer knows by now that Valentine’s Day is a season full of bad movies.Because of the social nature of the season, a low-budget urban fashion show, no matter how bad it is, can make $100 million one day, and it’s not the studio’s business if the word of mouth falls apart the next day.”Love” is not only a business, but also a one-shot business. Whether it is casual teasing by ordinary audiences or this film review, it is an afterthought.Speaking of this, we can’t help but think of some time ago, after Tencent’s top 10 hot songs list was released, “The Chinese pop industry is over” debate.Some disagree: “Hot songs” represent popular choice.If that’s true, does “box office” represent audience choice?Or did the audience really have no choice, someone made it for them?Everyone wants China’s film industry to prosper, but this prosperity should not be a deformed prosperity.The valentine’s Day box office is soaring, but it’s not bringing much joy to the audience. Every couple who walks into a screening on Feb. 14 and grimly accepts bad movies is being pulled by an invisible hand to make a choice they have to make: contemporary life.