Journey to Texas

2022-07-18 0 By

The second day of the year, this is the day of returning home, begging grandpa to tell grandma like the wife and children sent back home, about friends, open friends of the seven small Aotuo, (genuine seven hand Aotuo, less hand I do not rare to sit [strong]) went straight to Texas.Waiting for friends to drive to pick me up, the weather is good, it is worth going out friend Shan came late start, New Year viaduct car is not much.On the high speed, the New Year high speed free.One of the few perks.After Yucheng service area, in this water rest service area in the most bright son.Add some oil, the old car is a little burning oil, must be checked at high speed.Can save the oil is not enough, the next high speed must buy a bottle to continue to move forward, the high speed car is not desolate northwest lu all the way 80.This speed is fuel-efficient, suitable for seeing the scenery to reach the Texas toll station, immediately under the high speed into the urban area of Texas, Texas, the car is not a lot, is not the reason for the New Year?Parking is convenient, ready to eat local food sheep intestine zi Baidu, the most famous store unfortunately, during the Chinese New Year not business [tears] not business can not do, go to the gas station to buy oil to the car plus.After feeding enough engine oil, go to The City God Temple walking Street, during the Chinese New Year, shops are basically closed, hungry, first look for the floor pad bar pad bar legendary junk food after eating grilled sausage to xinhu old department store around, there is the old business district,It should be pretty busy new lake scenic area scenic spot of new new setting sun, the new lake lake winter swimming, south Texas department store building overpasses lakeside road flyover spiral staircase in the central stadium, noisy overpasses the spiral staircase of the central stadium around, ready to go to wanda plaza for dinner, wanda jollification of the Spring Festival.Two people began to eat haisai full, to the night market walk a circle, digestion digestion food, ring, night market, not a lot of people, not too good nightlife.Parking lot to find the car, go back, the advantages of the car cash incisively and vividly, good parking.Back, Texas Night View Texas South on the highway, free during the Chinese New Year.Jingtai Expressway high speed laser lamp.Yucheng service area into the rest of the water next to the rv, although the gap is very large, but the same mentality.Use car owners sticker, this is our same mentality.Keep walking back home safely and see off your friends.