How to distinguish twins cheating in college entrance examination?Test method announced. Student: That’s a tough move

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Cheating in educational exams is a very common phenomenon and can be detected in general, but cheating by twins is really difficult to detect.Twins, as the name implies, are people who look exactly the same. There are often twins in my school days. There was a pair of twins in my high school class.Classmates and teachers often make mistakes, too.It is because of the particularity of twins that new ways of cheating in the college entrance examination are also largely undetected.At a time when science and technology were not very advanced, there was a pair of twins. The younger brother failed his grade for one year. The older brother “pretended to take the exam” after he was admitted to senior high school, and the younger brother was successfully admitted to a key senior high school.This is good for the twins, but unfair to the other students.With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the current college entrance examination is also very strict, the situation of twins cheating will not happen again, and the government has announced the way to distinguish twins.You can take a look?How to distinguish twins cheating in college entrance examination?Test method announced, student: This trick is really malicious twins are exactly the same, the naked eye is difficult to distinguish, many times direct relatives may not be able to tell.It’s easy to cheat in the college entrance exam, but technology can catch twins, too.Face recognition and fingerprint recognition.See here a lot of people will be skeptical, because face recognition is often not good, my brother and my sister is 4 years old, face recognition is still good, there are some common faces, in front of the face recognition system can not be recognized.But don’t worry, face recognition won’t work, there are fingerprints, you know everyone’s fingerprints are different, even twins’ fingerprints are different.It is because of fingerprints that twins can be distinguished from one another.And there is no place for twins to cheat, which can not only ensure the fairness of the college entrance examination, but also avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.For the development of science and technology, students must not refuse to accept, can only study well, no longer dare to move other people’s small mind.There are students blunt, this move too ruthless!But then again, as long as the students study well and have a solid foundation, there is no need to “deviant”.Cheating in the college entrance examination has a great impact, examinees do not have a fluke psychology has always been cheating is not correct behavior, has a great impact on students in the future, especially in the major examination cheating, just like cheating in the college entrance examination.For example, students caught cheating in the college entrance examination in 2021 will not be allowed to take the college entrance examination for five years, or even have no chance in the future.And in the future, all iron rice bowl units and large good units will not hire him, but also affect his next generation and closest relatives.The effect is very large, so don’t take any chances.Instead of thinking about these unrealistic practices, it is better to study hard, the results up, and naturally do not need other “plugins” to help.Improving grades is the best way to put an end to cheating, students should be clear that the best way to put an end to cheating is the student’s own grades are high enough, can be admitted to high school, admitted to a good university, naturally there is no need to think of some “shortcut” way.And, it is not difficult to improve grades, as long as students are willing to work hard, grades are easy to improve.For example, mathematics, the three major subjects, is the easiest subject to improve, and the way to improve is relatively simple, and students can do it.As long as a large number of brush questions can be achieved, junior high school stage effect is the most obvious.The key is whether students want to, and The same can be said of English subjects.For chemistry, we can write “rules”. It doesn’t matter if we can’t remember chemical equations. We can remember the rules of writing equations, even if we can’t remember them, we can write them out.But it also takes time to memorize, so you need to spend more time practicing your memory.Among the three main subjects, Chinese is the slowest to improve results, relying on daily accumulation and practice.Therefore, Chinese students with poor grades, there is no need to spend money to tutoring, slowly accumulation can be improved, tutoring can not see the effect.For students, it is not difficult to improve their grades, but to keep studying.Learning needs to insist on more insistence.It’s like a lot of students who have worked very hard for a while, but still don’t get good grades because they haven’t been studying consistently.Therefore, if you want to improve your performance, you cannot do without persistence.Conclusion Twin students by eye is difficult to distinguish, it is even harder to distinguish in the exam.But today’s technology is so advanced that even twins can’t escape the “eye” of technology, which reminds students who want to cheat in the high school entrance exam or the college entrance exam not to play games with their future.Any small action may be found, the final outcome of fluke psychology is failure.Light cancel single subject result, heavy can not take part in the college entrance examination within 5 years.However, whether it is the cancellation of single subject scores or other, as long as cheating in the college entrance examination, the future employment will be affected.Did you have twins at school?Can you tell which one is bigger and which one is smaller?Feel free to leave a comment below.