Claims: novice mo, low blood pressure terminator game, “World of Tanks” how hard to play?

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Since I played the first online game “Dream Westward Journey” in junior high school, I have played a lot of online games, single computer games, big and small end games. I have never had a game that MAKES me feel difficult to control, and I am not willing to give up playing!But since world of Tanks, my perspective on the game has collapsed.The beginning of the game is a gamble, full of all kinds of instability, not from bad Internet speeds or the game’s own stability, but from the players themselves.Croucher player bureau “world of Tanks” this game, I have been playing off and on for several years, to now has played more than 4500 rounds, is also an old player, but compared with those who played tens of thousands of veteran players, I am afraid is still a sprout new.I generally concentrate on the holiday when there is an activity to play the most, the activity reward is also rich, ordinary work basic not how to play!This is not, today the last day of advanced account, and immediately also should go to work, nothing in the afternoon to play here.MD played a few hands down my heart plug, smoke one by one smoke, repeatedly thinking, ultimately failed to change the situation.Lose or draw all afternoon, occasionally win, or lie down win, not a few credits and experience.One-sided 2 most annoying encounter “one-sided” this kind of situation, and this kind of situation can be seen at the beginning of the general, teammates or pile up to go again, or pile up squat.I wanted to quit the game when I saw it at the beginning.Are these players new to the game?Also unlike ah, are eight or nine classes of room, basic are old players, appear this kind of situation, true his younger sister should not!As long as this game can stick to playing players, whether old players or sprout new players, are certainly magnanimous, good-tempered people.This game is really worthy of the “good news for patients with low blood pressure.”Play games, are in order to decompress relax, do not worry about anger, the ancients cloud: victory or defeat is a soldier common thing!Don’t worry too much about winning or losing, you lose the meaning of the game!