Xianning will build and expand 114 kindergartens

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February 15: cloudy to clear temperature 3~13℃ news telephone: 0715-8128787 news, rare, happy, trouble, welcome to call the hotline, we are willing to share with you, help you run errands…A few days ago, Xianning City Development and Reform Commission has formally approved the Xianning City traffic experiment second kindergarten project proposal and organs two children (Xianning City kindergarten) project feasibility study report currently the two projects are carried out in an orderly way it is reported,The project covers an area of 14.85 mu, with a total construction area of about 8976 square meters. It mainly builds 12 teaching activity rooms, 6 nursery classrooms, supporting rooms and functional rooms, etc. It also builds outdoor kindergarten playground with an area of 2,088 square meters, supporting related facilities.The project is located at 296 Chang ‘an Avenue, Xian ‘an District, Xianning City, with an estimated total investment of 55.51 million yuan.Xianning Traffic Experimental Second kindergarten project covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, building area of about 10,000 square meters.New teaching complex buildings, teachers’ offices, archives, children’s canteen, function rooms, children’s outdoor activities and parking lots for parents, teaching staff, etc.The project is located in Xianning High-tech Zone with an estimated total investment of 50 million yuan.The reporter learned from the municipal Education Bureau that the city will continue to implement the “ten thousand public kindergartens degree expansion action” this year, support the development of private kindergartens through policies, strengthen the construction of supporting kindergartens in the community, and strengthen the construction of public kindergartens and inclusive private kindergartens.We will complete the construction, renovation and expansion of 45 public kindergartens and 69 inclusive private kindergartens, effectively solving the urgent and anxious problems of the people, and making it difficult to enter public kindergartens and expensive to enter private kindergartens a thing of the past.All media reporter: Fang Daxing Editor: Wang Xinzhuo Supervisor: Xiang Dongning Production: New media Center