Thumbs up for Made in China!China’s independent research and development of windproof nets into the winter Olympics venues beautiful scenery

2022-07-17 0 By

On the sidelines of the Beijing Winter Olympics, there is no shortage of Made-in-China elements.The windbreak net, which stands next to the course of Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou, is the result of China’s independent research and development, and it will watch gu Ailing, Xu Mengtao and other famous athletes compete for gold MEDALS on the course.Listen to reporter Yu Bochuan’s report: In genting Ski Park freestyle skiing aerialism and halfpipe two venues, the white tall windbreak net has become a beautiful scenery.The net will keep the wind speed in the arena below 3.5 meters per second to ensure smooth play.What’s more, the windscreen is the product of a research team led by Liu Qingkuan, a professor at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, and is made in China without a problem.Liu qingkuan said the windbreak net will play an important role in the winter Olympics venue in Chongli. “In the snowsport competitions, aerialskills and halfpipe skills, athletes take off from a higher height.If there is a strong wind in the middle of the air, it may deform and affect the play;Heavy may lose balance in the air, causing a fall accident.Therefore, the construction of windproof net is the first to ensure the scheduled competition, ensure the normal play of athletes, but also to ensure the personal safety of athletes.”It looks like a mesh just 4 millimeters thick, but this windproof mesh can withstand 20 tons of tension.It also needs to take into account windproof, light transmission, uv resistance, flame retardant, low temperature resistance and other characteristics to meet the needs of the Winter Olympics.Liu Qingkuan introduction: “its wind proof effect is better, visual landscape, mechanical properties, low temperature tolerance and so on to meet the requirements, as well as the stability of the electrical system and fire performance.Another important indicator is that it has to be affordable.”To meet these requirements, the development of China’s own windproof net, qing-kuan liu led his team to the research and development and experiment, day and night from the analysis of meteorological data, the wind tunnel experiment was carried out, to determine the material model, looking for producers, until the final will be completed finished product assembly, through international certification, snow in just before and after 6 months.The process of research and development was hard and there were setbacks, but Liu never thought of giving up.In his eyes, this is the mission of a scientific researcher: “There is no turning back, no matter how hard it is, there is only one result, and that is success.Because it’s a national project, it’s so important.”The Winter Olympics is approaching, at that time, Gu Ailing, Xu Mengtao and other famous players will gallop on the track set off and protected by the windbreak net, and impact the gold medal.Liu qingkuan says he will be very proud at that time.”We have been carrying out scientific research projects. It is our greatest pleasure to have completed this project.The second pleasure is that the result has been applied;Third, it is applied in such a crucial and important event as the Winter Olympics;Fourth, this windproof wall is our own research and development, and is in saving the construction period and quotation, all aspects of the performance index is better under the circumstances of application;In the end, both aerials and halfpipe are events in which Chinese athletes are expected to win gold MEDALS. I would be extremely happy if Chinese athletes won gold MEDALS on this track.”