Three points rain is too terrible, Franklin even pull out 3 ultra far, hit guangdong team is very painful

2022-07-17 0 By

Guangdong and Shanghai teams are fighting each other, which is the final battle of the second round of the CBA, li Chunjiang can beat his apprentice?Let’s wait and see, Hu Mingxuan up completes the easy layups, and franklin continued the rhythm while the iron is hot, rhythm and assists Hu Mingxuan weems completed the basket, and zhelin wang directly on yi also pulling up the three points a, since franklin again to block by yi, weems was easy to counter.Fielding drills another three points or miss king, guangdong continue to beat fast break, ball to Du Runwang Hu Mingxuan points, which in turn to the eldest brother, yi fall directly completed hands clasp, since franklin finally left in the three points from the perimeter, but liu also drew back, then king one-on-one hit eldest brother, the latter fell the referee didn’t blow his whistle, although zhelin wang didn’t finish the jumper,But Liu grabbed the rebound and finished the second attack.Since liu breath even take 7 points, come back Shanghai soon, at the same time, a Du Runwang continue soaring in the vast distances from the perimeter, franklin also projected three points, through the Shanghai team’s bench Shouting, but Hu Mingxuan also quickly pulling up the three points from the perimeter, but franklin was cast into the incredible super difficult three points, he is too strong today.Xu also scored two points on the counter, and Franklin was robbed on the dribble by Hu Mingxuan, who had already made a diving move, but Hu quickly faked off Franklin, and he went on to make a rebound under the basket.Shanghai had already hit five 3-pointers from the outside, which made the defending champions a little bit more uncomfortable. They quickly led Guangdong by 13 points. Wang scored seven points and the bench’s Feng Lai hit a huge shot.