Roten: Mbappe loves Paris so much that he wants the management to realize their mistakes

2022-07-17 0 By

Live April 5 – Recently the French media broke the mbappe and Paris Saint-Germain intends to renew the rumor.Speaking on Rothen S ‘Enflamme, former PSG star Roten said mbappe opened the door again because he loved Paris so much and wanted the club’s management to realise the mistakes they had made.”Now mbappe is once again opening the door to Paris,” he said.That’s because he loves Paris so much and being knocked out of the Champions League by Real Madrid took a toll on him.He is a Bondi boy and he will always have PSG on his mind.There is no need to talk about money now, mbappe just has a special affection for this club.He has a lot of respect for PSG and he wants the management to realise the mistakes they’ve made.He didn’t renew his contract last year because he didn’t feel the club’s plans were moving in the right direction.(east)