Picture Speaking English: picture speaking phonetic and spelling table, how many versions have I made so far?

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Hi, everyone!This account, blink of an eye has been 44 days.Thank you for your constant attention and forwarding!In these days I have categorized new concept English and pronunciation topics.At the same time, also made some pictures phonetic symbols and spelling tables.The content of the spelling table is further improved, and the corresponding relationship between alphabet combinations and phonetic symbols is classified in detail. The form is more direct and the memory is more efficient.In the near future, I will do some phonetic and phonics related content around the column.There will also be video tutorials, such as how to easily memorize all the sounds of the 26 letters.Of course, the spelling of Picture English needs to be built on the basis of phonetic symbol memorization, because in this way, it can save the time of natural spelling or alphabet combination spelling.By the way, you can easily spell any English word with phonetic symbols.Phonetics 1.0 Phonetics 2.0 Phonetics 3.0 phonetics 4.0 Phonetics 5.0 Phonetics 6.0 phonetics 8.0 phonetics 9.0 Phonetics 10.0 Phonetics 1.0 (phonetics and spelling course exclusive) Phonetics 2.0 (spelling course notes) Phonetics 3.0 phonetics 4.0 table saidSpelling 5.0表 述 spelling 6.0表 述 spelling 8.0表 述 pronunciation 9.0 表 述 spelling 10.0表 述 spelling 11.0表 述 spelling 14.0表 述 spelling 17.0表 述 spelling 18.0 because of the limited time, today first share so much,The content will continue to improve.Part of the content comes from the syllables of the phonetic alphabet recitation and spelling course.Baidu Library speaks English, has uploaded a lot of this content, welcome to understand!If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.By the way, which one do you like best, welcome to give some suggestions!