I love the hot land/Qianfoshan Daming Lake Baotu spring heart language/Rain God poetry club 571

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I love the hot land author/heart language is you with the clear spring water to moisten me is you with the mellow millet gruel to raise me I love the hot land – Jinan your mountain is the most beautiful your water is the most sweet you have a better name – Spring city in your arms there are three places of interest Qianfoshan Daming Lake Baotu Spring some people say you every spring,Huhu Willow, you are famous for having seventy-two springs no, there are more unknown springs known all over the world. Through the ages, you have bred many excellent children.Jinan celebrities “this is the very famous I show to the world you love hot – rolling of the Yellow River of water of jinan from your side through the flows into the bohai sea, I love I stood above the top of jinan in the beautiful quancheng jinan qi smoke nine o let me linger over countless times I loved the hotspot – jinan springs lotus is your the best symbol of your cute has been deeplyAttract me in your sleep I sleep particularly sweet dream for myself in the blue sky white clouds floating between looking down your beautiful face I love hot – jinan everywhere I go I will not forget my deep hot – jinan you where I was born I have my feelings filled with profound friendship for you you will make me confident in my daydream, I love to jinanGenre: modern lyrics author style author profile: Qin Deyong, net name: Xinyu (Qin Deyong.Qin Shengsheng’s parents), shandong Province Jinan City, 16 li he sub-district office xiaoshigu village.Honorary President: Wind desolate Sunset Consultant: He Xingming Zhang Jiu Zi Li Ya Qing Ge Jinsong President: Die Feng Bao Vice President: Far – Near Editor: Mountain Soul Executive Editor: Hu Renwu Modern Poetry Editor: The God of Poetry like classical poetry Editor: Xu Bing Guest Judge: Flying wool misty Fog Guest Editor: Near and far there is a daughter Editor:Butterfly wind and xia mu Wutong drizzle flying catkin dance core cold Nini