Depending on the quality and self-consciousness, the five kinds of violation will be cancelled in 2022

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As is known to all, a driver’s license only 12 points, 1 year once finish buckle need to subjects, time-consuming, laborious is not driving the vehicle during full marks, very not easy, so we traffic regulations are also beginning to human, from this year (2022), the following four kinds of lawless is no longer the point deduction, all by the owner’s quality and consciousness.1. It is normal to take the non-motorized lane (stationary) to pick up children at the school gate, but the road is so wide that sometimes you have to take the non-motorized lane. In the past, when the traffic police patrol or the 360° camera on the road takes pictures, the car owner will be deducted 2 points.In case of electronic eye shooting, you can go to the local traffic police detachment for reconsideration and apply for the cancellation of deduction points.If you park for a long time or if there is a parking space nearby, you will be penalized if you occupy the non-motorized lane.Points will still be deducted for occupying non-motorized lanes (e.g. emergency lanes) while driving.2, illegal parking (stickers do not deduct points) illegal parking seems to be one of the most common points deducted behavior, due to China’s motor vehicle ownership is too large, and the road public parking resources are limited, it will inevitably appear illegal parking situation.There are two kinds of illegal parking, electronic eye photography and traffic police (or auxiliary police) sticker, the maximum penalty is 200 yuan 3 points, but from 2022, traffic police sticker will only be fined 100 yuan, note: electronic eye photography will still be deducted points.If your car is posted by the traffic police, you can take the ticket to the traffic police to pay a fine of 100 yuan, and will not deduct points. It should be noted that, although it will not deduct points, but if the fine is not paid, not only there is a late fee, but also affect the annual vehicle inspection.3, litter (fines of up to 50 yuan) to tell the truth, although many owners have no quality of small proportion, but because of the large base, on the way, we still can often see a litter, car open open, from the window throw cigarette butts, etc all kinds of garbage, punishment is 50 points, 2 points now cancelled, a fine of 50 yuan.Hopefully this will not encourage unscrupulous car owners to litter.4, the car is not placed safety equipment (triangle, reflective vests and fire extinguishers) as we all know, after buying a car, the car must be placed fire extinguishers, triangle indicators and reflective vests, especially fire extinguishers, when the license will be tested, if not, the car will not pass the inspection.But many owners for convenience, after the inspection of the car to take away the fire extinguisher.The previous provisions are not placed in the car according to the requirements of safety equipment, fine 200 deducted 3 points, now after humanization, will only be 50-150 yuan fine to the owner, will not be deducted points processing, but will ask the owner to purchase these safety equipment as soon as possible.Conclusion: As we often hear: fine is not the end!Similarly, humanized traffic regulations are also for the majority of drivers humanized management, deduction points is to attract attention, but deduction points is not necessary.Although these 4 kinds of violations are not deducted points operation, but it does not mean that the owners can arbitrarily violate the rules and regulations, frankly speaking, or to see the quality of conscious degree, only the quality of everyone improves, traffic can become more convenient and safe.Germany’s high speed regulation is not imposed by high pressure policies, nor is it created by excellent roads (in fact, most of Germany’s expressways are much flatter than our country’s), but by good quality of car owners, I hope we can also achieve the real “civilized travel” as soon as possible!To learn more