Xiao Yan has become a humble chemist?How dire was its economy, and how did it acquire its six treasures?

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The last video said that Xiao Yan in the black corner of the black City is a bumper harvest, who would have thought that Xiao Yan almost became the first mainland because of economic distress before the pharmacist.You know, throughout the continent, pharmacists have always been considered the hot property of the industry.Pharmacists buy medicinal materials with relatively low prices, and then sell them at a high price after refining them into Dan medicine. Even some high-level practitioners will fight each other because of competing for some high-quality Dan medicine.Put it this way, even dou Huang’s punishment day, to fama is also very respectful, so you can imagine that the pharmacist is a very popular industry.And as the Xiao Yan of lian medicine division unexpectedly because of wealth thing and worry, this medicine is old also feel helpless quite.Xiao Yan’s economic distress to what extent?How did he accumulate wealth so quickly?How do you get the six treasures?Xiao Yan into the black horn domain, this is because of the escape ran to Canaan college, with wealth if in addition to the empire, perhaps more than enough.Can be in black horn domain, xiao Yan’s wealth is enough only however its barely lives, its worldly belongings even the wood spirit of 1000 medicine fang 3 needle flowers cannot afford to buy.Helpless, Xiao Yan exhausted all wealth, plus a full three bottles of 27 back to gas Dan, bought four refining three grain green lingdan medicinal materials.Then take the guard when the reward, find a hotel, refining two two grain green and a three grain green magic.After that, Xiao Yan with refined Dan medicine to black print auction, took more than two million gold coins, and as a bidding capital, to obtain the heart of the fire zhi and eight party fire triding furnace.Xiao Yan potential in the wreckage of the map is in the blood zong Fan Ling’s hand.After the auction, Xiao Yan followed Fan Ling.Trying to get broken maps in an unusual way.After all, in Pointe-Noire, half – robberies happen almost every day.Blood zong zong Fan Xushu defeated the day snake house, took Yin and Yang Xuanlongdan and Dan medicine to its son Fan Ling.Fan Ling got his stuff and retreated.Witness all this Xiao Yan quietly hanging in the fan Ling line behind.Later, Fan Ling and his party seized 3,000 thunder from the tomb of the black skeleton.When Fan Ling was proud, Xiao Yan showed his body shape.Although the blood Clan method is very strange, but there is always a way to overcome each other.Alien fire is the most powerful enemy to control this skill.Add 7 color swallow the help of day python, Xiao Yan defeats Fan Ling smoothly, obtain 3000 thunder move, Yin and Yang xuan Longdan, thunder bat tianyi and about the residual figure of pure lotus bewitch fire.A third runs away with the dog.