Rushing into the whirlpool to save his life, won the first-class merit!

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Do you remember Master Sergeant Chang Kun?Zhang Kun was awarded first-class merit on March 24. Zhang Kun said, “No matter how many times I have to do it again, I will not hesitate to rush forward, even if there is an accident, I will not regret it!”Leave soldiers encounter people hesitate to jump river save drowning in July last year chengdu in sichuan province pengzhou Jian river valley in breathtaking scene one adult and one child falling overboard shore has launched two adults in saves a lot of people have also been involved in swirl heard a cry for help to the river but because flow is too urgent to risk launching at this time,Sichuan Military region is on vacation chengdu first retired cadres rest center four sergeant Major Zhang Kun heard the sound came to see four people were involved in the rapids he did not hesitate,Jumping into the river to save others, he tried his best to resist the gravity of the whirlpool and finally saved all the four people. Because this was a backwater bay, there were many whirlpools and undercurrents with the deepest depth of 3 to 4 meters, the water suddenly reached Zhang Kun’s chest. He quickly grabbed the bamboo pole handed by people on the bank to avoid being washed away by the current.Zhang Kun succeeded in passing the bamboo pole to the nearest drowning person and saved two adults with the help of the people on the shore. At this time, Zhang Kun immediately released the bamboo pole and rushed to grab the child and hugged him. After breaking away from the whirlpool with all his strength, he landed.Mr Jenkins found that no cry no children cough symptoms of preliminary judgement of choking water immediately “haim’s” first aid “method for first aid after confirm the child out of danger, he quickly entering water area rescue ashore after 4 people will be saved, next to zhang kun and two doctors together to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) after the ambulance arrived,Mr Jenkins silently leave “a little faster if we can perhaps is not the same as a result, Mr Jenkins that finally landed a drowning rescue invalid death, remorse” I think as a military man I failed to protect the safety of life and property of the people I’m guilty I want to apologize to all of you regret the relatives, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”A month later, the families of the three rescued people came to the rest house and gave a thank-you letter and a banner to Zhang Kun, but he was still a little choked up:”If I were a superman can revive them all” it is reported that zhang kun has been in the army for 15 years has been rated as “excellent soldiers” two “outstanding officer” he had a new recruits, also worked as a cooking class is now a driver cracked, valiant you can always believe in the people’s army!Source: CCTV news wechat public account, CCTV Military, Tianfu Great Wall, China Law popularization, etc