Notice of increase: Auckland water rates will be increased from 1 July

2022-07-16 0 By

Watercare announced on Tuesday (5 April) that charges for water and sewerage services in Auckland will rise by 7% from 1 July!Watercare CEO Jon Lamonte said the past 12 months have been challenging for the company as COVID-19 has affected operating and construction costs.”For example, we are paying about 75 per cent more for steel than we were 18 months ago because of higher prices for sourcing and transporting steel.”Lamonte said.Against this backdrop, Lamonte announced that Auckland’s water and sewerage service charges would rise by 7% from July 1 this year, while infrastructure charges would rise by 8%.Water supply prices will rise from the current NZ $1.706 /1000 litres (the same below) to NZ $1.825 and sewage treatment prices will rise from the current NZ $2.966 /1000 to NZ $3.174.Fixed sewage charges will increase from NZ $247 to NZ $264 per year.”In real terms, a household using the average amount of water will pay about NZ $1.50 more per week.”Lamonte said.Although the increase is not large, it will put some burden on residents considering the rising prices of food, fuel and electricity.”We understand that many Aucklanders are currently facing financial challenges, so we encourage our customers to contact us if they are having trouble paying their bills.”Lamonte said, “We can put in place flexible payment plans or transfer to the Water Consumer Assistance Trust, which we fund to help customers who are really facing difficulties.”