Last year, guangdong’s total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery exceeded 830 billion yuan

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Guangdong’s agricultural and rural economy grew strongly last year, with the output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery reaching 836.9 billion yuan, up 9% year on year, the highest growth rate in 34 years and higher than the national average, according to a meeting of guangdong’s agricultural and rural development bureau directors on April 1.Investment in primary industry increased by 31.8 percent year on year, 22.7 percentage points higher than the whole country.The added value of agriculture and related industries accounted for about 15% of the region’s GDP.The per capita disposable income of rural residents was 22,306 yuan, up 10.7% year on year, and the income ratio between urban and rural residents dropped to 2.46:1.Last year, Guangdong made every effort to promote grain production, with three increases in grain area, output and yield per unit area. The province’s grain output reached 12.799 million tons, a nine-year high.We will adhere to the development approach of the whole industrial chain, accelerate the modernization of the agricultural industry, and increase the number of five national agricultural modernization demonstration zones, three national industrial clusters with distinctive features, and 20 national key leading enterprises for agricultural industrialization.Adhere to scientific and technological innovation to lead the development, the implementation of Yueqiang seed core project, white-feathered broiler “Guangming no. 2” matching line successfully passed the national new variety certification, breaking the foreign provention monopoly.Last year, Guangdong gave priority to rural development.Launch rural residential environment improvement action for five years, to promote rural village roads, complete coverage of centralized water supply, sewage treatment, beauty, taking the construction of town crucial action, improve rural infrastructure and public service level, accumulative total to create the national leisure agriculture demonstration (focus), county (district) 11, 42, the national rural tourism leisure China’s beautiful countryside ChongDian Village 42.(CCTV reporter Chen Huiting)