Is secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes harmful

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Is secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes harmful Yes.Although e-cigarettes are vaped vapes, not tobacco smoke, they also contain a lot of nicotine, which travels down the respiratory system into the lungs and is absorbed into the brain, prompting the brain to produce dopamine, which can lead to cravings.Secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes can also cause respiratory discomfort in people with pre-existing respiratory conditions.Is a puff of an e-cigarette addictive? Not generally.A single puff of e-cigarette generally does not lead to addiction, but for people who are not addicted to smoking, it is recommended to stay away from e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, because long-term exposure to e-cigarettes or cigarettes is easy to become addicted, and long-term smoking will cause irreversible damage to the body, which is very harmful to health.What’s the nicotine content of e-cigarettes? About 5%.Electronic cigarette nicotine content of basic at about 5%, is a slightly higher than regular cigarettes, the nicotine is fat-soluble, after inhaling the lungs can soon after the blood through the blood brain barrier into the central nervous and produce biological effect, makes the brain dopamine, which bring pleasure to the smokers, symptoms of addiction.So for the sake of health, try to smoke less.