How sweet is huashan in a dream?Player: young don’t know hua son good, wrong baby when hair dryer

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I believe that every play “a dream of rivers and Lakes” (the original “Chu Liuxiang” mobile tour) small partners have their favorite school, basic each school has a group of die-hard fans, today we will talk about “a dream of rivers and lakes” in the Huashan school has much incense.Sometimes they are sand sculptures, sometimes they are serious, sometimes they are hair dryer addicted to playing Ben, sometimes they are pleasure making machine. In short, there is always a lot of fun in places with Huashan.Some huashan began to clear the book on Monday morning. The world channel often saw huashan calling people to clear the book on Monday, calling the last bus on Monday. This is too diligent!Is this the reason why my brother can’t call huashan every weekend?Some Huashan not only qing this is very positive, but also addicted to moving bricks, every time to receive a copy of the reward when the captain is basically Huashan, huashan friends know are basically free to move bricks.Every time I chat with my friends in Huashan, I can always see “team: Tieyi Castle – rookie 1/5” when I click their profile picture. Is this huazi’s behavior?If you have a friend or relative from Huashan, every time you go online, you will receive a team invitation from Huazi, do you think it is to pull you sweet 2/5?Obviously not. Waz just wants you to move bricks with him.Not only that, your friends and relatives in Huashan will also urge you to clear your books. With friends and relatives in Huashan, you can’t be a weekend brother, because you will finish clearing your books for the week on Monday and Tuesday under huashan’s supervision.In addition, friends and relatives in Huashan will urge you to improve your study, and they will help you point out if you fail, and then pull you into the team to guide you to improve your study. Even if you are new, you can also successfully “graduate” under the guidance of friends and relatives in Huashan. I have to say, it is really good to have friends and relatives in Huashan.Not only that, some Huashan also bring European gas, and they hit this big probability will be iron, although sometimes can not shoot, but can get dividends is also good.There are huashan dig four elephant also Full of gas, from time to time will dig out a king to give you an eye, may be huashan dig four elephant Europe reason lies in their own geographical advantages, after all, Huashan map is treasure, take care of their own people is also should.However, although Huashan is a serious “hair dryer” when he plays this book, the sand sculpture makes people laugh.Wudang Jinding is the gathering place of sand carving Huazi, every time to jinding can not only see wearing big pants to busk huashan, but also see the current channel huashan’s output of words, simply not too happy.Don’t look at Huashan sometimes very sand sculpture, but huashan play handsome is absolutely cool.For example, this photo of Hua Zi is not only very broken, but also beautiful and tragic atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want such a hua Zi?In the past, Xiaobian only thought that Huashan was a hair dryer, but now I know that Huashan is a treasure.If you have such huashan friends and relatives, please be sure to grasp, after this village can not this shop!Note: The picture material comes from network, invade delete!