Debbie.Milman: Don’t use “busy” as an excuse

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Debbie.Milman was named “one of the most influential designers today” by Graphic Art and Design Magazine in the United States.She is the founder and anchor of Design Matters.Design Matters is the world’s first and longest-running design podcast, with interviews with nearly 300 design gurus and cultural critics, including Massimo.Vignelli and Milton.Glaser.Debbie’s art has been exhibited all over the world.She designs a wide range of products, including wrapping paper, beach towels, greeting cards, playing cards, notebooks, T-shirts, Star Wars merchandise and burger King’s global rebranding.Debbie is president emeritus of the American Society of Graphic Design (AICA) (she is one of only five women to hold this position in the organization’s 100-year history).In addition, she is the editor and creative director of Print magazine and has published six books.In 2009, Debbie and Steven.Heller co-founded the world’s first master of Brand Art degree program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, earning international acclaim.Open baidu APP to see hd pictures Debbie.Milman: What are the three books you most often give as gifts?I can’t get enough of “Great Voices From Within: Selected American Poetry for the 20th Century” being a big influence on my life.This collection of poems is written by Hayden.Carus is a fine editor.In the early 1980s, I took a college summer course.At the time, the collection was a must-read.The book looked very interesting and brought me to one of my most cherished and deeply felt poems, Charles.The Book of Maximus by Olson.Since then, the poem has become a blueprint for my life.I also read danes, Levitov, Adrianna, Richie, Ezra, Pound, Wallace, Stevens, and others.I still have that book of poetry.Although the cover has come off and the spine has many cracks, I will keep it forever.Think Like a Designer:Of all the things I’ve bought in the past six months that have had a big impact on me is the Apple Pencil. I do a lot of art with pen and paper and now I have this smart stylus that works just like a real pencil.In early 2003, a good friend sent me an email with the subject line “Drink a little more before you click on this”.The email was a link to a blog called Speak Up, the world’s first online forum for graphic design and branding, and suddenly I found myself staring at an article that disparaged my entire career.This incident, along with several rejections and setbacks in my life, left me feeling so depressed that I began to seriously consider quitting design altogether, but it’s been 14 years since that happened.The article kill all my achievements, as well as mentioned in the article I will be a long period of time as a complete failure of experience, has become the foundation of all things I do in the future. I’m doing right now everything is sowed the seeds of at that time. It has been proved that I’m the worst experience in this industry is decided the most important experience of my life. “why it is important to design:What is the most creative rule in the world that you hold to for a long time? My favorite quote is:”Being busy is a choice.” The reason is that of all the excuses people use to explain why they can’t do something, “I was too busy” is not only the most fake, it’s also the laziest. I don’t believe anyone is “too busy.”We if we are too busy to means it is not “important”. This means that you’d rather go to do other more important things. Do you think “these things” may be sleeping, have sex, or watch “game of thrones. If we are to busy as an excuse not to do STH, it actually means that it is not the most important thing.In short, we’re not going to find time to do something, but to take the time to do STH. We now live in a society as busy. “I’m too busy” as an excuse to avoid you don’t want to do, has become a culture. The problem is, if you find a reason not to do something, never do it.If you really want to do something, even if is very busy, also won’t let a busy become obstacles. Want to do make time for yourself, then let go to do it. What is the most valuable investment you’ve done? I’ve done the best investment is psychotherapy. I started doing psychotherapy is only more than 30 years old, almost beyond my capacity.But, I know I need to understand their all destructive that is done at the time, in this way can we live a life of extraordinary, and this is what I want. Over the years, sometimes I will still love dearly the monthly spending in this aspect, but I have never doubted the value of the investment, because it has shaped me now.Psychotherapy has changed me and saved my life in every possible way, even though I think my psychological problems are still serious. I have been treated with psychoanalytic psychotherapy, in other words, psychoanalysis with an emphasis on the psychology of the self.To me, talk therapy is the only way to really attracted me, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, behavior corrective therapy, etc. It seems to me a little bit like magic. I think, when doing psychotherapy needs to consider several important factors, of course it’s just from my personal point of view. “brand and lofty pursuit of thinking” once a week the effect not beautiful.Twice a week or more will form the continuity, to cure may have a chance to take root, this is the frequency of once a week to reach the effect. In addition, once a week there is always a feeling of “catch up”. It takes time for treatment. It need to focus on, endurance, tenacity, perseverance, and courage. It is not a quick solution to the problem, but saved my life.Don’t have any conceal the therapist. If you deliberately hide themselves, pretending to be someone else, or performance from already want to become, treatment will take longer. You is what appearance, is what appearance. If you are worried about your therapist will judge you, tell them about your concerns. All of these are very important topics. Don’t think shame shame.Almost everyone will have a feeling of shame, psychotherapy can help you understand this point. There is nothing to understand your motives and insecurities can help you with the most healthy, the real way to those feelings into your own heart. I don’t suggest you go to your friend’s therapist. Now, most good therapists have to abide by the rules.Because there’s no sense of boundaries, and boundaries can be weird. And yes, therapy is expensive.But what could be more valuable than getting to know yourself better, breaking your inner bad habits, getting rid of most of the things you hate (or at least understanding why you do what you do), and leading a happier, more fulfilled, and more peaceful life?If you’re looking for a therapist, my advice is to make sure they have professional training (a PhD or MD, preferably with a postdoctoral title).I’ve been told that I’m trying to turn my life into a Hollywood musical because I like to make silly songs and sing them in all sorts of ridiculous situations, and I agree.Is there a belief, action, or habit that has actually improved your life? I interviewed author Dani Shapiro for Design Matters, and we started talking about the role of confidence in success. She said she felt it was overrated.She explained that she found most people with extreme confidence annoying, and that the most confident people tended to be arrogant. She felt that overconfidence was a sign that one was compensating for some internal psychological flaw.When you take bold action, it is as if you are saying that no matter what you think of yourself, the opportunity or the outcome, you will take a chance and take a step in the direction of your dreams.The more you practice at something, the better you get at it, and your confidence grows. What advice would you give new college graduates? What advice would you like them to ignore?Not only will you be able to land a great job, but you’ll be able to win it over highly competitive candidates who may want it just as much as you do, or even more than you do.Finding and winning a good job is a competitive sport that requires as much ability and perseverance as competing in the Olympics.As my students prepare to step out into the real world, I ask them to ask themselves a few questions:Whether I am looking for and win a good job spent enough time on? If I constantly improve and improve their skills? How will I continue to improve the ability of certain aspects, and more competitive in this field? I harder than anyone else? If not, what else can I do? What I didn’t do my competitors are doing?If I was in their day doing everything we can to keep the state of “professional”? If not, what should I do? I don’t think they should ignore such a piece of advice, that is to be a “people person”. Nobody CARES whether have popularity. Have their own point of view, and meaningfully, thoughtful, steady share it.I don’t believe in work-life balance, and I believe that if you see work as a calling, it’s something you want to do, not something you bother to do.If your work is a mission, when you pay, you’ve not with fear, also won’t always staring at the clock look forward to the weekend. Your mission will let you have positive work attitude and engagement, it will reach a balance, and provide you with the spiritual nutrition. Ironically, in order to achieve this goal need hard work.In your thirties, if you want to have a great and fulfilling career, you have to work hard; you won’t get ahead if you don’t work harder than others; and if you seek work-life balance in your twenties and thirties, you may have chosen the wrong career.As a Born and raised New Yorker with a loud voice, I have often regretted my impulses when angry or frustrated.Now, if you feel that kind of familiar impulse, ready to make a defensive back, or say that are not really angry words, or the harm that respond via email or SMS, I will choose to wait for a while. I alone have deep breath, step back and wait for a moment to respond. Even if only for one or two hours a night, also can make a big difference.If all else fails, I follow the words I read on a Chinese fortune cookie, which I taped to my laptop: “Don’t add insult to injury out of control.”