Why do mature people seldom speak?That’s because of living fully!

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If you like my text, please point a concern!Someone once asked me why people talk less and less as they grow older.I smiled and said to him, “Because people don’t talk too much!”Of course my answer was just kidding!And the real mature person is really few words, because he lived fully!See through the human nature, understand the life, the heart becomes indifferent and calm!Mature people always know that “half a sentence is not congenial”!People live to a certain age, has no strength to please who!For the different character of the people, never say more than half nonsense, because they know not a passer-by, do not walk a road!The stupidest thing in the world is to try to change each other!Concept is different, the opinion is different, say again much also cannot change each other, can cause the antipathy of others instead, part in discord!It is better to ignore, hear and forget than to say more.Mature people always know that “the wise do not speak, the good do not argue”!Those who know you are self-evident;People who do not understand you are speechless!So mature people never explain, you say he is right, he is right, you say he is wrong, he is wrong!Because in his heart, right and wrong points very clear, just too lazy and you excuse it!See through not say, hate but not turn, this is the mature pattern!Mature people always know “rice ripe low ear, ripe low voice”!Life is like tea, sink calm, float indifferent, can also be put up!Mature people have experienced the years of wind and rain, do not complain, do not complain, know the sour, sweet, bitter and hot life, dental laboratories is growth!More know silence is also a kind of strong!Mouth can not do things, say less and do more pragmatic!Therefore, if a person’s words are becoming less and less, it is not that he is weak, nor that he compromises, but that he sees a lot of things, but also see a lot of people!Silence is not without emotion, but without the meaning of saying!To live fully is to say little, ask little, and argue no more.Thank you for reading this article, welcome to follow, recommend and forward!Original text, pictures from the network!Why is marriage always so messy?In fact, nobody is to blame, but you!