To undertake non-capital functions and services, the Binhai New Area introduced 1,095 projects from Beijing

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In 2021, Binhai New Area will introduce 1,095 projects from Beijing, with the agreed investment reaching 282.15 billion yuan, exceeding the annual target of 9.5% and 12.9% respectively, and form nine undertaking carriers mainly composed of Binhai zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, aviation logistics Base and China-Singapore Cooperation Zone of eco-city, guiding Beijing projects to gather in each carrier.—————— Binhai New Area will fully implement the major national strategy for coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, make two-way efforts to undertake non-capital functions and serve the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and simultaneously advance the development of its own carriers and the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation.In 2021, Binhai New Area will introduce 1,095 projects from Beijing, and the agreed investment will reach 282.15 billion yuan, exceeding the annual target by 9.5 percent and 12.9 percent respectively.The reporter learned that Binhai New Area has firmly adhered to the “big head” of allocating non-capital functions, focusing on the first batch of secondary and tertiary companies of central enterprises, adapting to the key areas of industrial development in Binhai New Area, and establishing an upgraded dynamic mechanism of “running central enterprises and attracting projects”.In 2021, 61 second – and third-tier companies and projects of central enterprises were established, with a registered capital of 66.7 billion yuan.To adjust and improve the carrier platform, binhai new area to develop a “on further promoting the development of binhai – zhongguancun high quality measures, such as policy support, innovation park jointly created the council established, create a” council secretariat of + + think-tank “model of development, and in the development zone is given priority to the battlefield,To build a number of supporting the binhai new area comprehensive carrier “platform” undertaking “micro” function, form coastal – zhongguancun science park, aviation logistics base, eco-city china-singapore cooperation zone as the main body of the nine carries on the carrier, such as the Beijing project to the carrier concentration, full power to promote beijing-tianjin-hebei services of major engineering projects.At present, binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park infrastructure interconnection project is progressing smoothly, realizing the optimization and adjustment of the frequency of bus lines directly to Binhai High-speed railway station and Binhai International Airport.Nangang ethylene and other key petrochemical project cluster in nangang chemical new material industrial base construction, aviation logistics base built big customs clearance issue of cross-border e-commerce industrial park, tianjin international mail for the project in operation, projects of binhai hospital of Peking University, Beijing marina west station auxiliary project rapid advance…According to the official in charge of Binhai New Area, binhai New Area has successively established 17 industrial (talent) alliances, formed ten advantageous industries and industrial chains, gathered 52 ten-billion-level enterprises, and built 8 national new-type industrial demonstration bases such as aerospace, electronic information, etc.And 400 billion-yuan industrial clusters in new-generation information technology, automobile, machinery and equipment manufacturing, petrochemical industry, new energy and new materials. The pace of high-quality development is solid and strong.It is worth mentioning that binhai New Area is speeding up the construction of an international shipping hub in northern China, opening up transport channels to support the light loading of Tianjin Port, and planning a two-way 12-lane, 21.3 km special channel for collecting and distributing Tianjin Port.In 2021, container throughput will exceed 20.3 million TEUS, sea-rail intermodal transport will exceed 1 million TEUS, and international freight trains on land Bridges will handle 58,000 TEus.In addition, Binhai New Area has made great efforts to improve the coordination mechanism of social undertakings and public services, and has made new achievements in ecological protection, education, medical treatment, talent identification and government services.Among them, the first “Beijing-Tianjin General Office” self-service hall was put into use in Binhai New Area. 179 Beijing government affairs and 200 Tianjin government affairs have been handled by self-service 24 hours.At the same time, it has opened special service Windows in three streets and towns adjacent to The Beijing-Hebei region, carrying out “witness and certification” and “cross-provincial handling” of 56 government affairs.(Reporter Wang Rui)