This man is despotic, 22 days to recover millions of territory, today’s grave long grass is little-known

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King wen | easier to edit | figure to mark the name of his three made the republican, but good character become authoritarian domineering scotched;At that time, he was known as pro-Japanese, but secretly helped Japan’s enemy Germany against Japan;He became unknown after his death, but during his lifetime almost single-handedly recovered millions of territory for China.Who the hell is he?What kind of legendary story does he have?Today we are going to tell you about this unknown hero of modern times.There is a poem in the Tang Dynasty called “It is better to be a centurion than a scholar”.Every time to the world chaos, China will often appear such heroes: they sigh the collapse of the bad situation, from the bottom of my heart germination kuangfu will, from the urine committed to learning the chaos of the art.There were many such people in ancient times, and there are similar people in modern times.When yuan Shikai was a boy, he admired the heroes of history, and spent a lot of money to acquire all kinds of ingenious military strategies, and devoted himself to learning “ten thousand enemies”.And said: “IF I can master one hundred thousand elite soldiers, then can run amok in the world!”Although he later became a dictator, it can be seen that he had extraordinary ambitions from an early age.And so is the man we’re talking about today.Xu Shuzheng was born in Jiangsu province. His name is not very famous.However, when he was young, he was particularly outstanding, and he was called a prodigy in the local area.Especially at that time, the Qing Dynasty was becoming increasingly corrupt, and the life of ordinary people was becoming more and more difficult, Xu Shuzheng began to sigh that the imperial examination was useless.He said with emotion, “Confucians read books so that they can be used as a school.Frequency years of government day non, lost division, for national humiliation, interpretation and not figure.Although you have a limited scope of advantages?”In the heart of the imperial examination can not save the country and the heart of tired of him, want to learn from the ancient Ban Chao.But his wish was thwarted by his parents, who prevented him from joining the army, believing that the imperial examinations were the right way.Xu shuzheng secretly ran away from home and joined the army in the army camp at that time.Xu Shuzheng but his parents are also resilient, actually chased to the barracks to catch him back, and then forcibly to find a wife for him, want to use marriage to kill his idea.But Xu’s vision infected his new wife, who saw nothing wrong with a man wanting to do something big. Instead of stopping him, she helped him join the army with money.In the end, xu’s parents had no choice but to let xu do it himself.Xu shuzheng’s first thought was to go to yuan Shikai.Yuan shikai was now a vassal, so Xu Shuzheng wrote to express his intention.However, Yuan Shikai was in ding Worry at that time, so Yuan Shikai just did not have time to see him in person, and finally Xu Shuzheng’s wish to go to Yuan Shikai failed.But that didn’t stop Xu, who still read widely on his own to find ways to improve.When xu Shuzheng was writing couplets for others, he met Duan Chi-jui, a subordinate of Yuan Shikai at that time.Tuan Chi-jui saw that the young man looked very dignified, so he talked with him casually.After a few words of conversation, he found that the young man was very insightful, so he kept Xu at his side.Did not think of from now on for his anhui fasten warlord to increase a member do general, also increased a loyal henchman to him at the same time.After xu Shuzheng defected to Duan Chi-jui, he soon showed his unusual talents and wrote a major drama called “Three Kingdoms”.At that time, the Qing government had not completely fallen, but happened to meet the Wuchang uprising, the Qing government had no choice but to send Yuan Shikai to suppress the Wuchang uprising.However, Yuan Shikai’s attitude towards the Qing Dynasty was just like that. Seeing that the Qing government was no longer working, he began to have his own ideas after taking over the military power of the Qing Dynasty.Xu Shuzheng, who was also clever, encouraged Duan Chi-jui and other generals of Yuan Shikai to call by phone to express their support for the republican system.The Wuchang uprising had led to the declaration of independence all over the country, but now all the powerful officers also said that they wanted to be republican. The Qing government could not bear the pressure, and yuan Shikai took the place of a few.This was xu Shuzheng’s republic.Later Yuan shikai himself wanted to become emperor, but Duan Chi-jui and Xu Shu-zheng both opposed it.Since Xu shuzheng was equivalent to Duan Chi-jui’s first adviser, Yuan shikai believed that Duan chi-jui’s attitude was actually caused by Xu Shuzheng.This annoyed Yuan so much that he eventually withdrew his plan to declare himself emperor.During this process, the opposition of Tuan Chi-jui, who held a large amount of military power, naturally had a great impact on Yuan Shikai.This is Xu Shuzheng’s second republic.However, after Yuan shikai’s downfall, tuan Chi-jui and other former followers of Yuan Shikai also had internal power struggles.During this process, Duan Chi-jui lost the struggle and was forced to retire from the political field and become idle.In order to help Duan Chi-jui come to power again, Xu Shu-zheng encouraged Zhang Xun, who was interested in restoration, to restore the monarchy.Zhang Xun had intended to restore the Qing dynasty monarchy, but when he saw that the first adviser of the Anhui warlord was also on the side of restoring the monarchy, he really went to restore the monarchy.As soon as Zhang Xun took Puyi to the imperial palace, Xu shuzheng and Duan Qirui formed a rebel army.This process helped Tuan Chi-jui regain his fame and power again by overthrowing the restorers with military force.This is Xu Shuzheng’s three creation of the Republic.Zhang Xun However, although nominally Xu Shuzheng has three republican achievements, but he is an absolute warmonger.3, long at the plot: duplicity and his own democratic republican that set, in fact, the heart is not how to recognize.He came to power with Tuan Chi-jui, who was prime minister, while he was secretary general of The State Council.But he is a secretary general who can be very domineering.Lee Won-hong, then president of the Republic of China, lamented, “Where is the responsible cabinet system now?It is a responsible secretary-general system.Xu Shuzheng was adept at intrigue and used force.At that time, the Northern government was tangled with warlords. Many progressives called for democratic unification as far as possible.But he thought this was just an illusion, so he urged Tuan Chi-jui to unify the country directly by force.However, this idea was not in line with the mainstream opinion of the time and hurt the interests of many warlords. As a result, Both Tuan Chi-jui and tuan chi-jui resigned from power.Xu Shuzheng is also a well-known pro-Japanese warlord, outside people think he is close to Japan warlord.During the First World War, however, he did something out of line.At the beginning of wwI China remained neutral, but Japan declared war on Germany in order to take German interests in Qingdao.Germany was at war with the Rest of Europe when Japan suddenly stabbed them in the back, leaving them underarmed.The German people and Xu Shuzheng relationship, so the secret request Xu Shuzheng, to see if he can give a little weapon support?Xu Shuzheng did not hesitate to give the Germans a large number of weapons.Although he did this secretly, jin Yunpeng, the General of Shandong, was alarmed.Jin yunpeng questioned him: “Now China is conservative and neutral, but you secretly lend weapons to The Germans. How much risk will China bear in case something happens?”However, Xu Shuzheng explained that China was poor and weak at that time, and Japan was a nearby great power. If China could not win the support of Japan, it would always fail, which was the reason why he was pro-Japanese.But Japan, so close to China, cannot be a friend of China in the long run.On the contrary, the Germans who are thousands of miles away from us have fewer conflicts of interest because they are far away from us, so it is not impossible to make friends in the future.So I’m going to do this venture right now, and if it works out the Germans will think of us as friends in need.If any misfortune should come to light, say it is my personal affair.Take me personally to take the blame, will not therefore delay the affairs of the state.Although Jin Yunpeng was xu shuzheng’s enemy, xu’s words still made Jin silent and he had to acquiesce in his secret assistance to Germany.Duan Chi-jui later felt that Xu was right.Although the German war was lost in the end, the German people were still very grateful to him.After that, Germany gave him a grand reception and reportedly gave him the blueprints of a cannon for free.So his venture was a success.4, recover outer Mongolia: the desert meritages really strong man but Xu Shuzheng’s most powerful thing, or in the Beiyang government period, through his personal strength, recover the middle of the storm outer Mongolia.At that time outer Mongolia had briefly declared its independence, and later expressed autonomy if something went wrong.Although nominally autonomous, in fact, the Beiyang government had no influence on outer Mongolia, and outer Mongolia was free from the Beiyang government.However, the October Revolution happened in Russia at that time, and the nobles in Outer Mongolia were deeply shocked. They were afraid of similar things happening in outer Mongolia, so they were in doubt.Xu took advantage of the situation.On June 13, 1919, Xu Shuzheng was appointed as the northwest Frontier Envoy, and the troops were reorganized into border defense forces and sent to Outer Mongolia.Although in order to deal with the internal warlord infighting, Xu shuzheng could actually mobilize only the seventh and eighth regiments of the third brigade.However, Xu Shuzheng manoeuvred all over the country, and with these forces, he castrated and seduced the nobles of Outer Mongolia.He vetoed some of the concessions of the day in favour of a quick solution to the problem.During the negotiations he warned the Mongolian authorities: “One day’s grace, the night must be settled.Otherwise, there will be more than one Buddha (referring to the ’emperor’ Of Outer Mongolia, Zhebu Zundanba Living Buddha) who will take the solution. Deacons, though old, should also accompany them!”Xu Shuzheng had been arrogant and domineering, but at this time he threatened outer Mongolia by force. In the end, outer Mongolia had to accept his conditions almost completely and unconditionally returned to the control of the Beiyang government.After recovering millions of territories in Outer Mongolia, Xu Shuzheng advocated building roads, banks, newspapers and schools in order to control the land in an all-round way.He even had vegetables brought in so that China could play a long game here.Although outer Mongolia became independent, some vegetables remained and became the daily food of the local people.The republic of China that this whole life advocates scheming and force is bold, still failed to change life for the Chinese at that time after all, also failed to change life for anhui department warlord against heaven, he was assassinated eventually and died.But some of his contributions are worth acknowledging.