Online celebrity shepherds in Inner Mongolia grassland: Turn traffic into sales

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This article is from: The picture shows an Australian white sheep improved by Setone Deligel.Ge Yubin photo China New network Xingunita March 15, the topic: Inner Mongolia grassland “net red” shepherd: let flow change sales author Zhang Wei Li na “the first control of water, water content to reach 60% to 75%;The second is compacted silage;The third is to seal the silos well…”In the livestream, Seyin Deligel clearly explained the method of silage for netizens.”Thank you for your commentary.””I’ll try.”…Fans from all over the country left comments like it.The picture shows the farm of Seyin Deligel.Siyin Deliger is a herdsman in Huhe Nutuga community, Haobaosumu Town, Keyouzhong Banner, Xingan League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. For more than two years, live broadcast at 7 PM every day has become his daily routine.Growing on the grassland, Siyin Deliger is good at breeding, so farmers and herdsmen from faraway villages often ask him for help and let him teach some sheep raising experience.”So many farmers and herdsmen have demands for farming technology that I came up with the idea of teaching farming technology through live webcasts.”In 2019, Seyin Deliger set up his own live streaming platform to release videos of his sheep raising, teaching and exchanging sheep raising experience to more farmers.”At first, there were only a few viewers.”Cytone Drigel smiles sheepishly at the memory of his initial attempt.Color tone Deliger told reporters, at the beginning of the camera still a little timid, the expression is not natural.”But I make a point of making at least one video a day of feeding, shearing or talking about my experience with sheep.”The picture is color tone Deliger live broadcast.Ge Yubin as time goes by, the number of fans is increasing day by day, which is undoubtedly the biggest encouragement to color sound deliger.”The more confidence there is, the more smoothly the live broadcast will go.”Now, color sound deliger became a little famous “net red” shepherd.Many fans exchanged tips with him in the comments section and placed orders for his finished sheep directly in the live broadcast room.Up to now, Siyindeliger has posted 859 videos on lamb care, breed improvement and epidemic prevention, with 126,000 likes and 77,000 followers.”How many sheep do you have now?””What percentage of sheep will survive this season?””How many times from fattening to insect removal?”…The picture shows the grass seyin Deliger prepares to feed sheep.Seyin Deliger contacted a hu sheep farmer in Jiangsu Province online to understand the current price of sheep, market trend, large-scale sheep farm construction and so on.These two years, the flow of sales at the same time, Seyin Deliger also realized the importance of learning advanced breeding technology.He has participated in offline training and learning in Hebei, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other places to discuss and exchange the characteristics, difficulties and hot issues of sheep industry development under the new situation.”After several years of study and breeding experience, I found that Australian white sheep is the most suitable breed for us, which has strong disease resistance, low mortality rate, high meat yield and high price.”Through continuous learning and efforts, Seyin Deligel has improved the quality of Australian white sheep, and the benefit has increased several times than the original.At present, siyin Deliger breeding sheep in the year of stock up to more than 1,000, 2021 net income growth to more than 200,000 yuan.”Now, I have embarked on the path of scientific farming.””Next, I want to teach fans to improve the technology and use my own efforts to help more farmers and herdsmen raise sheep scientifically and get rich together,” saiyin Deliger said.(after)