Liulin County on the prohibition of 2022 plate event notice

2022-07-15 0 By

Liulin, culture and tourism bureau informed about held the 2022 plate will activities are strictly forbidden to countryside (town), the villages (house) appoint: in order to seriously implement the central, provincial, city and county epidemic prevention and control arrangement deployment, for the 2022 Beijing Olympics and paralympics will create a safe, stable, healthy and green environment, according to the arrangement of the county, the county government meeting,Will be the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival during the relevant matters notice as follows: a, prohibit in the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival during the base to build a prosperous fire, fireworks, firecrackers;2. It is strictly forbidden to build plates and hold plates for the host family of the village (neighborhood) committee and community plate meeting;3. For the health and safety of yourself and others around you, do not organize or participate in all kinds of gathering folk customs and Spring Festival cultural activities.Liulin County Culture and Tourism Bureau is hereby notified on February 7, 2022