Life and death bridge | film gate bridge in the true story of the last battle

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On March 18, 2021, an old man named Jiang Qingyun died suddenly of cerebral hemorrhage.General Chi Haotian, former member of the Political Bureau of the CENTRAL Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, who had participated in the Battle of Changjin Lake, was shocked to hear the tragic news and wrote a elegy, “Cry, old comrade-in-arms of the 27th Army, old hero of the volunteer Army: the bloody battle of Changjin Lake at minus 40 degrees Celsius, and the annihilation of The North Bear Group Qingyun is the vanguard.”Jiang Qingyun is one of the prototypes of the seven companies in the movie Changjin Lake — Watergate Bridge.The company led by Jiang Qingyun was also called The Seventh Company.In November 1950, the first U.S. Marine Division, an elite unit that had fought guadalcanal and Okinawa in World War II, entered the pockets of volunteers at Yudam-ri in northern Korea.The 9th Corps of volunteers, sleeping during the day and out at night in freezing temperatures, divided and surrounded the Americans.By November 30, Commander Smith of the 1st Marine Division issued an emergency evacuation order.Withdrawal process, known as the beauty of the polar bear group seven division infantry regiment was adowa 31, this in the movie “the long jin lake” realism (to review: “bear” deeply | movie “the long jin lake” “seven even with” the true story of).In the snow, the Americans began to retreat south.The Watergate Bridge, which spans less than 10 meters between two mountains, became a key point on the route of the American retreat south.This bridge is the only exit to the outside of the Jangjin Lake area, as long as you cross the Shuimen Bridge, there is a plain ahead, straight to the Namheung port.The bridge between two mountains became a bridge of life and death for the 1st Marine Division.The importance of the watergate bridge, the volunteer 9 corps commander Song Shi-lun of course also saw, so he ordered the bridge to blow up, cut off the Marine division of the south escape road.As early as December 1, a battalion reconnaissance team from the 60th Division of the Volunteers penetrated the Watergate Bridge and blasted its wooden structure. However, due to the lack of explosives, it only blew up the bridge deck and was soon repaired by American engineers.On the night of December 4, the volunteer reconnaissance commandos dodged enemy flares and sentries, crawled through the snow at -30 or -40 degrees, and again bombed the Watergate Bridge, but American engineers quickly repaired it.On December 6, the 7th Company of 240th Regiment of 80th Division led by Jiang Qingyun arrived at the Watergate Bridge.Jiang Qingyun, a native of Yantai, Shandong province, joined the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army in 1947 and joined the Korean Army in October 1950.Similar to the movie, Kang and the 7th Company raided a U.S. artillery battalion in a battle and captured four 105mm howitzers.After the battle, he became acting company commander of the seventh company because his commander was wounded.Jiang Qingyun in front of the wreckage of the helicopter.There are tributes in the movie.After several rounds of fighting, jiang qingyun’s company was reduced to two platoons in early December 1950, but they continued to drive to the Water Gate Bridge. By the time they arrived, they had run out of food for two days.On the evening of December 6, Jiang Qingyun took dozens of people to form a death squad, each person with a few kilograms of explosives, while dark touched the nearby Watergate Bridge, the goal is only one: blow up the Watergate Bridge for the third time!The film does a true restoration of the fact that every member of the squads is wearing a cotton-padded jacket inside a white jacket as a camouflage.They will face an additional 40 tanks and a battalion sent to defend them.The last blow to the bridge, it was a strong attack, very brutal.When the kamikaze was spotted about 40 meters from the head of the Watergate Bridge, Jiang qingyun said, “Seven men were killed when the enemy fired a round. Four of them were killed and three were wounded…”A hail of bullets followed.But the comrade-in-arms did not hesitate a bit, still toward the direction of the bridge desperate dash forward.During the battle, one bullet was fired from jiang qingyun’s right elbow joint, and the other bullet was fired from the left shoulder above the collarbone, and from the left shoulder behind the scapula.At that time, he still wanted to continue to rush forward, but the blood was too much, so he could not move.Jiang soon fell into a coma due to massive blood loss.However, his comrades still heroically completed the mission, not only the Watergate Bridge deck to blow up, but also the bridge foundation to blow up a clean.After the war, when cleaning up the battlefield, the regiment ambulance team found jiang Qingyun unconscious in the smoke, found that he still has vital signs, immediately organized rescue for him.Jiang qingyun eventually survived and woke up in a base hospital.Later, his son followed in his father’s footsteps and also wore the uniform of the People’s Liberation Army……Jiang Qingyun heaves a sigh after watching a CCTV documentary titled “Frozen Changjin Lake” on Oct. 25, 2020, the 70th anniversary of the volunteer army’s entry into the Korean War.He thought of his comrade-in-arms again and said to his son in Shandong dialect, “WHEN I took part in the Battle of Changjin Lake, I went to blow up a bridge. I was wounded and still live today.Three crucial task even the doghouse, American firepower is too strong, let’s volunteer army soldiers too brave again, the company commander and instructor lead the charge, under the intensive fire blocked the enemy at the expense of his, more than 100 people in the company, only 16 people, including a platoon leader with 15 other soldiers continue to charge, the entire company finally leaving only one.”Let’s go back to the winter of 1950.As we all know, after the third bombing of the bridge, the US army, relying on its strong national strength, airlifted the bridge components from Japan and repaired the Watergate Bridge in three days.On December 9, the 1st Marine Division finally broke through.History is cold.However, blood is hot.Source: cover news “dialogue” watergate bridge battle “enjoys the posterity: father take death squads for the third time to blow up the watergate bridge, deep work in 69 and the name”, shijiazhuang daily “in the first battle was fought the enemy infantry, 93 – year – old old man fondly when the battle scene, Beijing TV” bloody long jin lake “, make up: Zhao Yihan school review:Li Ling · Supervisor: Ling Xi