Escorted back to Jin by the Qin army to establish the monarch is

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Duke wen.1. Escorted back by the Qin army, Duke Wen of Jin was appointed king of the state of Jin. Duke Wen of Jin was a modest and studious gentleman who was good at making friends with talented people.Li Ji was forced to live in exile for 19 years during the rebellion. In the spring of 636, with the support of Duke Mu of Qin, she returned to Jin and killed Duke Huai of Jin.2, The exile of Duke Wen of Jin (Chong Er) is about the son of Duke Xian of Jin. Chong er left the capital of jin to exile in various countries due to the persecution of Li Ji.Chong er spent 19 years wandering from one country to another and eight kingdoms until he was 62 years old.After he ascended the throne, he worked hard to develop production and jin soon became strong and powerful.3. Duke Wen of the State of Jin (697 — 628 BC), whose surname was Ji, was the son of Duke Xian of the State of Jin, and his mother was Hu Ji. He was the 22nd monarch of the State of Jin during the Spring and Autumn Period, and one of the five rulers of the Spring and Autumn Period.Wen Gong li Ji was forced to exile in the chaos of 19 years, after the support of Qin Mu Gong back to Jin to kill Jin Huai Gong and establish, during the reign of the reuse of talents, the implementation of trade and wide agriculture, the wise and virtuous, reward credit and other policies, as the six qing, so that the jin national strength increased.