Building qianceng night Ming, boat river, a total of tidal light mountain shadow

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art according to the new city, the building qiancheng night, boat on the river, wave light mountain shadow tide.Boat a leaf across the Yellow River, wind and rain by passing wave, thousands of miles of the Yangtze River to the east of the water, thousands of zhangzhang to the north slope.Yangbo willow new, the canoe a leaf swing floating clouds, the spring breeze wrinkle poured thousands of gold.Billows thousands of flowers bloom wonderful flowers, light boat a leaf wave light is my home.Return to this natural, qianceng cloud outside a leaf to go with the wind, the sea without wave is round.The boat shuiyun, reflecting red skirt, thousands of amorous feelings I do not divide.Clear water Yang waves of willow, boat a leaf as the wind blowing, qianceng white waves hongxia reflecting sun hui.Lack of kua, reflecting the morning glow, boat leaf spring wave is my home.Qianceng billows days, bright gold, a boat rippling painting line.To the distance, reflecting the setting sun, 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings who can than, blue water qianceng painting hidden.The Yangtze River rolling boats by the river, overlapping thousands of thousands of miles to send autumn song.A leaf canoe swing pond, billows willow, thousands of thousands of amorous feelings I do not know.Do not fear journey risk, qianceng nine days, a boat to laugh at the world.Any drift, several degrees of autumn, ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings elegant charm on the heart.Static see wave light floating jade shadow, boat a leaf any drift, qianceng blue waves hongxia yingshui Ming.Qianceng waves, flowers red, a leaf boat with the water, shiguang mountain painting.A line of human life, immortal where the two circles of chan, long dream is also sweet.Once remember that year call mammy, dream soul often around the hometown line, xianfengzhuanggu where, only see green grass on earth.Yuanyang only immortal, the world has dreams in the sky are illusory, only wish the birth of a hundred years.The end is a dream, milk gold list assembly empty, if there is truth in, why fear the world road impassability.Since ancient times, heroes do not envy fairy, where the world to find paradise, the world of mortals have dreams are illusory, only for the name of the family.The dream chang ‘e dance lightly, the name of the baby fly out of heaven, fairy tales and bones in the world for another year.The day is like a mirage, the name is still in two hard to meet, heaven and earth together.Chuanhai, chang huaiqi dream to send the end of the world, where is the road bone, spread to the world flowers everywhere.Don’t envy immortal, chan, the world of mortals a dream with the wind, leaving the immortal name.Dream vaguely in front of you, still remember that year, a wisp of smoke in the world.Boy milk soul dream can not be found, fairy where two separate less ghosts and gods.The world is especially jiao, road bone happy and unfetteredly, the name is called dimly to Xie Bridge.A dream for thousands of years, three generations of milk today, immortal do not know regret in the world.The mountain red, around the trees, the fish singing night melodious dream.Clear water leisurely, accompanied by the river, smoke a few strands of sunset drunk xiaolou.Evening clouds low, cooking smoke around the stream, a fishing song startled birds, canoe swing painting in the move.The wind light green water leisurely, fishing singing in the evening boat swing, smoke curling around the setting sun xiaolou.As tomb-sweeping day from cooking smoke, the setting sun falls to distant mountains, melodious flute water clouds.A fishing song light like a dream, a few flute as far as you, smoke curled around sunset red building.Clouds all over the sky, curling smoke around the mountains, fishing songs go with the wind, the boat swing clear water edge.A song to sing today, melodious and moving heart, smoke curling around the south bank of the river, everywhere sunset.A few wisps of cooking smoke under the west wind xu, shepherd boy flute fishing song into the drawing.Sunset as grass cottage, smoke a few wisps sing late return early, flute melodious into the drawing.Fishing singing night boat, happy happy swim, smoke curling around the setting sun without end.Around the water village, the west evening wind cool, shepherd boy flute you sound far, a song into a long dream.The setting sun reflects hongxia, cooking smoke around my home, a melodious fishing song go horizon.Sunset, fishing song night water ripples, curling around the farmhouse, a sunset red half a day.A quyu singing night boat, light boat swinging water clouds, smoke curling around the sunset red sky.A wisp of sunset reflected in the mountains, flute melodious water clouds.According to the waterfront, a few villages, fishing singing late melodious with the moon wheel.A song night breeze light, long reflected on the moon, a few wisps of smoke west jianghong.Pipa tears dance, thousands of miles to know geometry, laughing at the world of mortals drunk song.Once sang the wind song, today again geometry, thousands of miles of SINS and tears dance.Life can have geometry, a song Li SAO Wangu song, heaven asked mountains and rivers infinite hate, miluo River tears slash.A look, the end of the hero tears empty flow, drink a thousand cups of wine, do not ask the world geometry sorrow.Eyes do not see the hero tears, the dream of red mountains and rivers, try to ask the geometry of the real national scholar, crazy song drink in laughing.Unremunerated empty song, life can have geometry, rivers and rivers wasted tears dance.Time wasted a song send acacia, mountains and rivers broken garment who knows.Blood dyed mountains and rivers, uncorrupted for home song heyday, the human path geometry.Chinese sorrow without tears, hate sound, national humiliation geometry a song comfort Yingling.Poems and songs sing oh, do not ask the geometry of the world of mortals, look to the mountains and rivers years of tears dance.Geometry, smile tianya, broken pipa tears.A bright moon shines on mountains and rivers, hero tears dance, song as much as the world can have geometry.Add sorrow tears, mountains and rivers fall into a dream, the world’s geometry can be broken, clear song a move universe.Martyrs sacrifice geometric children, mountains and rivers wasted tears rain tuo.The world like I can geometry, crazy song after long roar, mountains and rivers broken qingshan feel xiao.Mountains and rivers are not grinding, but tears slash, a long song journey and geometry.Sad motherland, according to mountains and rivers, geometric heroes when righteous song.A song li SAO song, miluo River asked geometry, dragon boat race hero tears rain.And geometry, no plan can become a song, mountains and rivers feeling difficult to do, years thousands of tears not much.Relatives empty tears, mountains and rivers broken hate hard to rest, geometric hero elegy eternal flow.Years vicissitudes of life a song, life is short geometry, mountains and rivers broken wind and cloud change, looking back tears dance.Sky geometry, under the flowers before the reunification of the mountains and rivers, thousands of years of success and tears dance.Ambition, hero helpless tears slash, a song jing heaven and earth, thousands of miles of the journey and geometry.Write hero tears, thousands of miles of blood, ask you can have geometry, wine when the song laugh at the sky.Drunk under the world of mortals, rain stroke in memory of old people, still remember that the bridge has dusk.Outside who is home, still remember when the rain to listen to fallen leaves, the number of jackdaws under the moon.Snow in the rain, tender love to pull people on the moon, fragrance outside the sky, still fairy fall earth.How much sorrow, acacia tears flow, still remember when first saw, but outside the bridge another autumn.Spend rain hollow have hate, under the moon since affectionate, poor body in the horizon dream entangle.Flying white eyes withered, rain stroke in the flower before comfortable figure.Sky a rain, moonlight shadow hazy, I do not know where chang ‘e dance sleeve red.When the ambition pay, now outside a seagull, walking in the rain to pay tribute to the old tour.Remember once, the dream is not, still remember the stars outside the curtain.A paper book, meaning such as, rain flowers fall wind to have guest.Dance nishang, flying phoenix in the rain, still remember the snow night, I do not know the curtain outside mei Xiang.That year small courtyard east, dimly apricot flower outside the wall is red, the rain is not hard to find a beautiful girl trace.On the flower before the injury alone, the wind tears thousands of lines, still remember the bridge words desolate.The old branches of the village are still green, and the new flower buds are red outside the hedge.Can solve doubts, bright air good building, has long been down in history, called spring breeze green Kyushu.Spring call rain run such as crisp, Yan Yu warbler sound into the picture, until the dawn flowers in full bloom, the beauty of the world any love letter.The bleak autumn wind calls friends to step on the moon line, until the dawn liquor Syria leave.Dawn grass and wood incense, love wisps call qianshan green, cuckoo sound of joy.Ruthless white hair invasion, sitting alone tears touch jin, autumn bleak hazy call dream deep.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #