Yipinwei, he says, makes it easy to take orders online

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“It is difficult to gain the trust of customers to receive orders online only by text and telephone communication, but with the guarantee of Yipinwei customer network platform, coupled with the service of gold secretary, and the precise push of platform projects, it is easy to receive orders online.”Cheng Shuizong comes from Taiyuan, Shanxi. In 2018, when he went to university, in order to solve the dining problem of school classmates, he developed the smart distribution system of campus “All-Star Wing Youth Campus Service” mini-program, which started his first step of starting his own business.In 2018, Cheng Shuizong founded Taiyuan Quanqi Network Technology Co., LTD. (abbreviated as Quanqi).Since the outbreak of the epidemic and the closure of colleges and universities in 2020, our original business is difficult to maintain, so Chengquan decided to transform our technology development and undertake outsourcing projects.In 2021, with the recommendation of a friend, Cheng Shuizong got to know Yipin Network, and went to Xiamen to visit the operation headquarters of Yipin Network.In March of the same year, Cheng Shuzong led his team to enter Yipin Wei passenger network and opened V passenger youquan shop.Yipinwei guest network gold secretary “platform push matching customer demand is very accurate, gold secretary service is very thoughtful.Cheng Shuizong says that it is more difficult for him to put an order online than offline, but with the help of Yipinwei, it is no longer difficult.Three months after entering into Yipinwei customer network platform, the direct renewal fee of Cheng shuan extended the cooperation period of V Passenger Youquan stores to 2023.”To make life more convenient and fast” “to turn inconvenient into convenient and solve problems is the original intention of our own technology development.”At present, the all-star wing network technology development and operation of all-star wing dental intelligent management system and all-star wing youth campus service small program, has a high popularity in Shanxi.All-star Wing dental intelligent management system is the software and hardware solution to help the elevator informatization of oral chain outpatient service, help the case filing of oral outpatient service, digitize the data, and create a more convenient appointment and treatment process.Cheng Shuizong, an intelligent management system of All-star Wing, expressed the hope that the company’s original self-management projects could be promoted to a higher level in the future, do a good job in software development, make efforts to make the team become stronger, the product quality become better and better, the efficiency become higher and higher, and the price for customers become more and more affordable.Taiyuan All-star Wing Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides professional software outsourcing development services, including APP development, small program development, website development, system customized development, etc., but also operate a completely independent research and development of the online system all-star wing youth campus service project, all-star Wing dental intelligent butler project.