Return attention!A new round of rain and snow!

2022-07-14 0 By

The Spring Festival has already passed half way, and today marks the first solar term in the 24 solar terms. The day is getting longer after the start of Spring, and the sunshine is getting warmer. The temperature, sunshine and rainfall also tend to rise.Henan will usher in a wide range of snow weather to put an end to all this the year of the tiger lunar New Year according to the analysis and prediction of meteorological station in henan province before the fifth day in most parts of the province is given priority to with cloudy or sunny after the fifth day, the weather began to turmoil since the fifth night, rain and snow weather online 5 in the evening to the night, the parts of the west, the southwest has small to moderate snow.On June 6, there was light to moderate snow south of the Yellow River, including heavy snow in parts of western and southern regions.Other areas have light or scattered snow.On The 7th, there was light snow in the southeast, and scattered light snow gradually stopped between the Yellow and Huai rivers.According to the forecast, two cold air processes will affect Henan.On May 4, the northwest or northerly winds in the Midwest and north will be about force 4 with gusts of force 6.From June 6 to 7, the northerly wind in the south will be about level 4, and the highest temperature in the west and south will drop by 6℃~8℃.When we return, we must reasonably arrange personal time to pay attention to safety