Anhui Ma ‘anshan city all residential areas to implement closed management

2022-07-14 0 By

In order to further strengthen community management during the epidemic prevention and control period in Maanshan city, the following notice is issued by the Comprehensive Headquarters for COVID-19 Prevention and control emergency Response in Maanshan City on March 16:2. The community shall check all persons and vehicles one by one. All persons must wear masks, measure their body temperature, and scan their health codes and travel codes.Three, the implementation of “one person, one card”, each family (except home isolation families) with access card to go out to purchase daily necessities, other people are not allowed to go out without special circumstances, workers need to use the personal certificate issued by the unit.Community residents do not visit, do not gather, do not dine, go out less.4. Non-residents and vehicles are not allowed to enter the community. In special cases, the management personnel shall check the valid certificates and make registration and filing, scan the health code and travel code, and the people who have been in the community for less than 14 days shall present the nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, and obtain the consent of the community.Courier and takeaway personnel shall not enter the community, and relevant items shall be placed centrally at the guard or checkpoint to implement no-contact distribution.5. If a person with fever is found in the community, report to the community immediately.6. All public places that are not necessary for the daily life of residents in the community shall be closed. Farmers’ markets, supermarkets, pharmacies and other places shall arrange their business hours reasonably, and disinfection shall be conducted regularly.Seven, “red things” stop, “white things” simplified, and reported to the community in advance for the record, the community should strengthen supervision.Residential decoration, water, electricity and gas pipeline renovation projects are suspended.In case of emergency maintenance of water, electricity and gas, consent of the community shall be reported, and the construction personnel shall be strengthened in management, registration, temperature measurement, health code scanning and travel code scanning, and the nucleic acid report within 48 hours shall be presented if they have been in China for less than 14 days.9. Those who rent the house after February 27, 2022 should take the initiative to report and register with the local police station in the community and the district under their jurisdiction, and implement the “3 (3 days and 2 inspections) +11 days self-health monitoring” within 14 days.10. Communities shall establish special service teams and warm service hotlines to respond to citizens’ demands in time.11. Those who do not cooperate with household investigation and registration, do not cooperate with temperature detection, rush through customs and conceal the facts shall be dealt with by local public security organs according to law.12. All Party members, officials, deputies to the PEOPLE’s Congresses, and members of CPPCC committees should take the lead in regulating themselves and their relatives, encouraging friends and neighbors, and actively persuading local residents in their communities to do a good job in prevention and control as required.Community volunteers should actively participate in the investigation and registration, on duty, prevention and control propaganda, etc.This notice will take effect as of the date of issue, and will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic prevention and control situation in the future.