A firecracker that never dies

2022-07-14 0 By

Firecracker man is a very contradictory animal, always wanting and wanting…Chinese New Year, both to have the Flavor of the New Year, but also to make fun of the annual Spring Festival Gala, but also in the flavor of the firecrackers sounded when cursing a “he ah, don’t sleep?”Three days have passed since the Spring Festival Gala of 2022. At this moment, it is the morning of the fifth day of the first lunar month in the year of Renyin. The sun in Kunming is still bright and brilliant.What is the smell of Spring Festival?The taste of big fish, the taste of family reunion, the taste of mahjong sound…Everyone may have completely different answers, but there is one smell that most people should be able to experience, and that is the smell after fireworks are set off.Although some so-called big cities, civilized cities and other cities advocate a ban on firecrackers during the Spring Festival, fortunately, Kunming does not have it!During dinner on New Year’s Eve, one hears the sound of firecrackers one after another, and for the next five hours, until the early hours of the first day of the New Year, one hears the sound of explosions of various kinds.Man is still a very contradictory animal…It has been a long time, and I feel that the Spring Festival is getting less and less delicious. Maybe it is because of the growth of the years, there are no more surprises in many festivals. Maybe it is because of the social development, every month or even every week can be a big fish and meat, so the Spring Festival Dinner, the first and second reunion dinner are not so delicious.Perhaps it is very easy to see every day on the mobile phone particularly wonderful, very funny, especially sweet, especially curious all kinds of programs, so the program of the Spring Festival Gala, always seduce the audience’s interest points, so you will find that the quality of the Spring Festival Gala, seems to be Wang Xiao er Spring Festival, less than a year.And a few years ago, I don’t know what is called the beast brick house, he took out a pile of serves justice Lin however altisonant reason, calling for big cities to ban fireworks, so a lot of small cities don’t know what is pulled, harder to come up with the ban on fireworks, and big cities while still can hear sporadic firecrackers during the Spring Festival, but it is also less and less.The 2022 Spring Festival, may be the reason for depression for a long time, and kunming no pull crazy also didn’t eat milk, so there is no ban on fireworks, rather than in previous years has increased a lot outlets for fireworks, out of the village, you will see one or two outlets for fireworks, and New Year’s eve, the first and second day this three days, from QiBaDian began at night,Fireworks went off until four or five in the morning.Sometimes being woken up late at night or early in the morning by the sound of firecrackers is really uncomfortable, and people will curse so much. But from the third day on, the sound of firecrackers is less and less, until the fourth and fifth day, you can hardly hear the sound of firecrackers.Man is a contradictory animal!There are a lot of reasons for allowing and forbidding fireworks, and people’s minds are responsible and independent…Anyway, I support the Spring Festival fireworks, the reason omitted 800 words!I hope the Spring Festival of 2023 can still hear the sound of fireworks.Thanks for reading!February 5, 2022