Research and guidance to promote development, dragon baby tiger baby zhuo growth

2022-07-13 0 By

On the morning of March 25, Wang Liang, party secretary and director of Xindu District Education Bureau, visited Longhu Primary School to investigate education, epidemic prevention and control and safety work.Wang liang, director of a line of people in the city primary school party branch secretary and the principal Zhang Hong and accompanied by administrative, successively visited the campus environment, sports venues, students calligraphy practice base, understand the idea, the scale of running school, school characteristics, ask for details of the school the difficulties and problems, and puts forward solutions and Suggestions, the comprehensive education development to the school to give you at the same time.Director Wang Liang pointed out that the school’s distinctive school-running characteristics, rich cultural atmosphere and advanced school-running philosophy make the century-old school more dynamic, which also reflects the efforts and dedication of all the staff.Wang liang director also stressed: school of awareness to the epidemic prevention and control of the complexity of the situation, arduous and long-term, sticking to well implement the norm prevention and control measures, strengthen the daily health management work, the canteen food safety management work, strengthen the students’ psychological health education, firm grasp highlight school characteristics, completes the echelon personnel training, to promote school sustainable development quality.This survey puts forward constructive suggestions for the work of Longhu Primary School. Longhu Primary School will continue to carry out the educational mission of educating talents for the Party and the country, and adhere to the education that the people are satisfied with.