Qing Jian county during the Spring Festival social security stable overall situation

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During the Spring Festival, Qingjian County public security Bureau seriously implement the spirit of the relevant meetings of provinces and counties, strengthen leadership, careful deployment, take effective measures to successfully complete the Spring Festival during the security and stability work tasks, to ensure the overall stability of the county social security.From February 1 to February 6, a total of 25 effective police, including 7 public security cases, 18 traffic incidents, the county did not have a major incident, the social order is stable.Zhang Dianwen, deputy county magistrate and Xu Peng, political commissar, put forward clear requirements for the security work during the festival, and went to the grass-roots front line to visit the public security auxiliary police and armed police fire officers and soldiers fighting in the front line.It also issued the Notice on Effectively Doing a Good job in Security Work during the 2022 Spring Festival, detailing tasks, highlighting priorities, clarifying division of labor, and consolidating responsibilities to ensure the smooth completion of all work.To effectively curb the frequent occurrence of crimes during the Spring Festival, we will continue to strike hard and maintain high pressure.Further strengthen the social control work, below step to take car tour, tour, tour and patrol service mode, maximum limit increased street see alarm rate, do “see police, night lights during the day, for 24 hours on duty on duty system, timely detection and treatment of all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, to enhance people’s sense of security and satisfaction.We will intensify the investigation and control of key personnel, improve the mechanism for the investigation and mediation of conflicts and disputes, investigate hidden dangers that may affect social stability one by one, and register the unstable factors identified one by one, so as to eliminate problems in the bud.We will carry out investigations into potential traffic safety hazards, rigorously investigate and rectify traffic violations of all kinds, and ensure that no major road traffic accidents occur.Led by the public security brigade, the police station to participate in the party and government organs, financial industry and other cultural protection units and densely populated places, hotels, KTV and other public complex places and fireworks and other dangerous goods management centralized comprehensive inventory, to ensure that there is no major safety problems and liability accidents during the Spring Festival.Vigorously promotes the team management teams not relax to further strengthen management, strict implementation of the “eight” “three discipline” “strictly prohibit to drink violations banquets and other rules, strictly implement the responsibility system for” a pair of responsibilities “, mind your own people, on their door, fight team internal discipline problems, put an end to classified event occurs.Strictly implement the duty preparation system, strictly in accordance with the “1, 3, 5” minute rapid response mechanism requirements, improve the plan, adequate police, shift leaders and on-duty personnel on duty, timely receive all kinds of police situation, do not miss the time, do not miss things.Discipline inspection and supervision department to call, inspection and unannounced visits and supervision system video roll call and other ways, the room team on duty preparation, security and stability maintenance, internal management supervision and inspection, promote the implementation of security work measures, to ensure that the team always maintain a good image, successfully completed the various tasks.Author: Liang Xingxing