Our festival yuanxiao, good lively!How do these communities in Helan celebrate yuanxiao

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The Spring Festival has long been over the small long holiday, but according to the tradition, “but 15 or year,” the fifteenth day of the first month after the year is really over in the Lantern Festival is approaching to enrich the cultural life of residents to create a happy, peaceful festive atmosphere helan County actively carry out to welcome the Lantern Festival activities February 14,Limin community held our festival “spring, song and music ‘night’ yao, thousands of lights make the Lantern Festival” theme activities, residents gathered together to welcome the Lantern Festival, talk about national unity.Beat drums, gather limin.The activity started happily with the opening dance “My Country and ME”. The cheerful rhythm and graceful dance instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. The scene of the activity was crowded with people, and the crowd was extremely lively with applause and cheers.Wonderful performances such as beautiful singing, musical instrument solo and sketch were staged in turn, pushing the activity to a climax one after another. The audience took out their mobile phones to record the wonderful moments one by one.Thousands of blessings, like guessing lantern riddles.In the service hall an interesting riddle also caused the strong interest of community residents, we seriously think, common discussion, from time to time spread bursts of happy laughter “this actually describes sika deer, old Li you this brain turn really fast!”Memories of childhood, enjoy yuanxiao.”It is said that ice-sugar calabash is sour, sour inside it is wrapped in sweet, and it is said that ice-sugar calabash is sweet, but sweet inside it is full of sour…”With beautiful rhymes on the other side, the staff will be prepared in advance of all kinds of fruit and toothpicks, rock candy and other production materials one by one put on the table, residents do you want to be friends what ice-sugar gourd can free collocation, along with the variety of fruit sugar-coated berry, whole room is filled with a sweet taste.Bless thousands of people, common words unity.There were not only tangyuan, but also ice-sugar gourds, spring rolls and pumpkin cakes made by volunteers. The atmosphere was relaxed and lively, filled with laughter and laughter everywhere.Warm yuanxiao, warm spring limin.”Every year, I can eat the sweet dumplings sent by the community. I thank the community for their concern for me. I wish everyone a happy Year of the Tiger!”The staff came to the home of the elderly living alone, and accompanied grandma Ma to talk about daily affairs and trivial matters. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious, and sent the sweet dumplings with deep love to her hands. Facing the warm care and sincere blessing of the staff, the old people smiled.On February 14, the Lantern Festival, garden community launched the third “a community a culture · good-neighborly alliance” and “our festival · Yuanxiao” joy gathering activities.Do lanterns, guess lantern riddles, community art groups take turns performing on the stage, calligraphy, painting…Olympic garden community square is particularly lively, hundreds of residents to participate in the experience of the rich festive atmosphere.Talent show “Nao” Yuanxiao.The artistic performance began in the dance “Sing Honghu Water again”, “I Love You China” and “Happy Reunion” is the climax of the artistic performance.On the other side of the husband and wife painting lovers, waving brushes, soon, a vivid painting and calligraphy came into view.Performances in various forms, such as song, dance and opera, sign language dance and solo, were so dazzling that the residents enjoyed themselves and applauded constantly.After the performance of aunt Wu said excitedly: “too excited, in his old age with such a group of like-minded partners rehearse programs to show you, I feel so happy!I hope you enjoy the show.”Red lanterns “celebrate” yuanxiao.”This is the main body of the lantern, the lamp should be mounted here, the head of the tiger should be nested on this side…”After the lantern assembly materials were distributed to everyone, everyone took the materials to assemble the lanterns, followed the assembly process and notes explained by the staff, carefully arranged, while discussing the assembly, folding, splintering, sticking the lanterns, using the materials, assembly and processing of all kinds of lanterns full of childlike innocence.In a short time, with the joint efforts of parents and children, yizhanzhan lanterns with the flavor of The New Year and full of children’s fun fantasy came on stage.Yao Siyuan proudly said, “This is the first time that my mother and I have worked together to assemble a lantern. It’s very interesting and very happy.My lantern is called lovely tiger, lovely enough!”Fun lantern riddles “guess” yuanxiao.”There are two disciplines involved in cross-country skiing, traditional and what?” “I know that. It’s freestyle!””There are many good news after the Lantern Festival (hit an idiom), the answer must be overjoyed!”…The 200 riddles hanging on the lanterns, closely around literature, history, nature and other scientific knowledge, covering the history of the Party knowledge, history and culture, winter Olympics questions and answers and other aspects, integration of red culture, traditional culture, winter Olympics culture elements, both interesting and long knowledge.Some residents stare at the puzzle thinking, some for their answer to the riddles reveal a happy expression, excited to the prize exchange yuanxiao, bursts of laughter, cheers from time to time.”I really like the community riddles guessing activities, today there are a lot of riddles about the Beijing Winter Olympics, not only let me learn knowledge, but also got a prize, really happy!””Said the children happily.Delicious tangyuan “taste” yuanxiao.”Auntie, I’ll give you dumplings!””Let me cook it for you…”Community staff sent the “love” dumplings to the homes of the elderly, widows, disabled and empty nesters in the community, and communicated with them, sent them festival blessings, and sent them the warm dumplings.At the same time, the volunteers also clean and tidy the rooms for the elderly with mobility difficulties.”Today’s festival is very comfortable, my heart is sweeter than eating tangyuan, our ethnic groups will be like the tangyuan, round and close together.”Area alone old aunt Sheng Jinlan could not help but sigh.”As soon as I moved to Yindu Blue Bay, I was invited by the fraternity community staff to participate in the community Lantern Festival, which made me feel at home.”Just moved into the community less than a month aunt Zhang Yuping sighed.February 14, in order to enrich the cultural life of the district, let the residents spend a happy, festive, peaceful Lantern Festival, fraternal community to carry out the “spring Lantern Festival, sweet happiness and joy” activities.Tangyuan gathered fireworks, lanterns decorated with a touch of spring.The community held a “happy Lantern Riddles party”, in which the children and their parents paid close attention to each riddle. Some thought hard, some whispered, and some quickly opened the riddles to receive the prizes.Then, the community invited to help families, empty nesters, children and children together to make tangyuan, the process of everyone talking and laughing, after their own efforts, a white fat, round yuanxiao will be filled with the table, tasting their own hand-made tangyuan, the taste is very sweet.”I am very glad to be able to celebrate the Lantern Festival with all of you this year. The Lantern Festival is not only sweet to eat, but also sweet to the heart.”Community resident Wang Xiaolian aunt said with a smile.Knowledge written in the spring title page, gift links happy whispers.The staff in the strong festival atmosphere, to the residents to popularize the prevention of telecom fraud knowledge, to the actual case to explain to the residents and put forward relevant knowledge questions and answers, so that residents in the festival at the same time, can also keep their wallets.On the other side, the staff also provide children in the district with such puzzles as “skillfully make lanterns”, “help teams, build Lego”, “blow table tennis”, “move your fingers to pinch marbles”, which are both entertaining and informative, and peaceful.Festival dyed with deep feelings honey meaning, community often with harmony and friendship.This activity also launched the “love scissors” “love free diagnosis” two warmth activities residents in the Lantern Festival joy atmosphere and the charm of traditional national culture, but also feel the warmth and care of the community.Correspondent: Limin Community, Rentiantian Garden Community, Leiming, Yang LAN, Editor: Miao Miao, Editor: Miao Miao