In Hunan Yongzhou, actually hidden a “little Phoenix ancient city”, free ticket scenery is too beautiful

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Tips: There is another beautiful ancient village in Yongzhou, Hunan province. It is called Zhuangyuanlou Village.Xiaguan Village in Ningyuan is not only an ancient mahjong village, but also the no.1 village in history, which has been included in the fourth batch of Chinese traditional village list.Located about 30 kilometers southwest of Ningyuan county, the village is known as the first ancient village in Hunan province.It is located in the guanxi and Lengjiang River of “Ten Mile Gallery”.Ha Guan Village was built in 1999 and has a history of more than 1,500 years.The village has a population of 30,000, 90% of whom are surnamed Li.In history, there were two No.1 scholars and 48 Jinshi.There is history here, for example, there is a well under the old bridge.The bridge leads to the rest of the village, straight and open.Such a flat road has been very rare, must have been a good place for merchants gathered.Silhouette of the ancient village Along with the pace of the tour, when you walk to the northwest entrance of the village, you will find a brick and wood structure of wind and rain bridge across the Lengjiang River.Guangwen Bridge is built on the Lengjiang River by three stone piers, which are crisscrossed and overlapped by wooden beams. It has a feeling of phoenix Ancient City.Come to this village of course to have a look at the Number one building number one building is the village in memory of the village’s first number one li He built.It is impossible to determine when the building was built.The existing Number one Building was rebuilt later.According to the village, now the top floor is far smaller than the previous scale, rough workmanship, but it seems still imposing, worthy of encouraging the enlightenment of the scholar floor, hope floor.West of the Lengjiang River, after the Yuan, Ming, qing several generations, several repairs.The building is 10 meters high, 8 meters wide and 9 meters long. It is a building with 12 wooden columns and beams. It hangs the roof on the top of the mountain and has an arch canopy and eaves.Address: Xiaguan Village, Ningyuan County, Yongzhou City Ticket: Details consultation Opening Time: all day Traffic Reference Route: From Ningyuan Bus Station to Lengjiang Middle Road – Lengjiang Middle Road – Jiuqi Middle Road, from Jiuqi Avenue to Xiaguan Village