“Honestly create new things that others don’t have!”

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Wearing a big red flower on his chest, carrying a heavy medal and a certificate of honor, Chen Xueli, 71, stood on the podium to receive the award. What was he thinking?Three entrepreneurs were awarded the title of “Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province” and awarded first-class merit at the 2022 Work Mobilization Conference of Shandong Province held on February 7.One of them is Chen Xueli, former chairman of the board of Directors of Weihai Weigao International Medical Investment Holding Co., LTD.”I think it’s a push for me, a push for me to do better, to do better, not just a flash in the pan.With this honor, we need to see the future development of WEIGao, weigao really stand in the world’s medical device industry.”On the morning of February 11, a dozen media reporters gathered in a circle, short, energetic Chen Xueli stood in the middle, a genuine Weihai words firm and powerful, “our goal is to rank among the top 50 in the global medical device industry by 2030.”In the nearly one-hour interview, the 70-year-old entrepreneur talked most about enterprise innovation and entrepreneur responsibility.Chen Xueli, former chairman of the board of Directors of Weihai Weigao International Medical Investment Holding Co., LTD., introduced the thoracolumbar posterior fusion internal fixation system produced by Weigao.Weigao, a “small workshop” born in a welfare home, was founded in 1988 with 25,000 yuan of tax working capital and started its business from disposable infusion sets.”Arduous pioneering, trudging ahead is a long way, Weigao rooted in the bincheng, huanghai, pioneering and innovative casting quality, realistic consolidation towards tomorrow.Every product has a bearing on every life. Remember every word…”This song “Weigao Song”, written by Chen Xueli, sings the development course of Weigao, the hardships of a national enterprise, and the mission of a Chinese medical device brand to rise.In the early spring of 1988, Chen Xueli, then the 37-year-old director and branch secretary of weihaitian Village Welfare Institute, came up with the idea of improving the lives of the elderly when he saw the elderly eating ordinary stew.He immediately found the deputy director of the welfare home, discussing a sideline, let the elderly eat meat, improve their life.The next day, he pulled out an infusion set.When Chen xue-li took a tea break in a guest house during a business trip to Suzhou, he saw the service industry assembling infusion sets in their spare time. That was the first time he realized that this kind of product could be “made rich” through retail retail assembly, so he became concerned.Then in April, the facility began to produce infusion devices, and the number reached 151,000 that month.On May 8, 1988, the first branch of Weihai state – owned medical instrument factory was formally established.When building the factory, Chen Xueli thought about how to build the factory well, make steady progress and find a way of innovation and development under the condition of lack of capital, talent and technology.He believes that small factories must also have a direction, have ideas, need to have a common program to guide, leading everyone to take concerted action.So the day of the factory, he wrote in the office “pioneering and innovative, realistic consolidation” factory policy.These eight characters have been affecting weigao’s future and future development.Weigao initially only produced disposable infusion sets, and then gradually produced syringes, blood infusion sets, infusion needles and other products.Chen’s small factory has grown rapidly on the back of such low-value medical supplies.In 1998, Weigao was restructured.In 2004, Weigao was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with an annual revenue of 400 million yuan, and Chen Xueli harvested the first listed company.After the listing, with the help of capital, Weigao began to target the field of high-value medical consumables, and gradually transformed to orthopedics, hemodialysis, intervention and other high-consumable medical devices.In June 2021, Chen Xueli’s capital territory further expanded, weigao Orthopedics, which has been recognized as the leading orthopaedic department in China, successfully completed the registration of the science and innovation Board.After more than 30 years of development, Weigao has grown from a “small workshop” born in a welfare home to a leading enterprise in China’s medical device industry, with over 40 subsidiaries in medical products, blood purification, orthopedics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cardiac consumables, medical business, real estate and other industries.Weigao has been listed in China’s top 500 enterprises since 2015 and ranked 375th in 2020.In 2021, weigao’s sales revenue exceeded 50 billion yuan, and weigao entered 11 fields among the world’s top 15 medical device market segments.”Without innovation there would be no weigao today.”In the exhibition hall of Weigao Group, After introducing weigao’s important r&d products one by one, Chen Xueli concluded at the scene, “I think innovation is to create something that others don’t have.Innovation is first and foremost a responsibility. As a factory director, manager and entrepreneur, we should know our responsibility in our heart, bear it in our body and fulfill it in our actions. We should take innovation as a lifelong goal to pursue.””There is an old saying in Weihai that one has to sell tofu during the day while one has to walk a thousand roads at night.”Chen Xueli continued, “In 1883, American economist Peter Schumpeter said that how to understand an enterprise and an entrepreneur is to have innovative ideas, innovative consciousness and innovative ideas, and then to have innovative achievements, that is, products.Weigao now has more than 1500 kinds of invention patents with intellectual property rights, so it has the current market scale and can be recognized by the society.In short, for enterprises, innovation means to honestly create products that others do not have, so as to achieve sustainable development.”Chen Xueli, former chairman of the board of Directors of Weihai Weigao International Medical Investment Holding Co., LTD., introduced the medical devices developed by Weigao to reporters.”I am a farmer, and I have more than 100 academician friends.” After explaining “innovation”, Chen immediately pushed Yin Jinghua, chief engineer of Weigao expert team standing beside him, to the reporter’s camera. “You are the expert and more professional than me.”Yin Jinghua, five years older than Chen, was the expert Chen xueli went to Changchun to invite.His arrival, the direct birth of intravenous indwelling needle localization.At that time, The Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where Yin jinghua worked, was the best institute for polymer materials in China. At that time, he was the director of the polymer Application Laboratory.”When he came to us, he said he wanted to build a biomaterials research and development center and he wanted to commission us to do it.”Yin recalled her first meeting with Chen, saying, “He respected us very much and trusted us completely. He promised to tell us what conditions we needed and create conditions for us when there were no conditions.”For a researcher, the most important thing is to see their research results can be translated into products to promote.Since 2001, Yin jinghua, who has lived in Northeast China for more than 50 years, has been living in Changchun and Weihai, which is the first time for researchers to hold posts in enterprises in China.After retiring from CAS in 2016, Yin jinghua decided to work full-time at Weigao.Now, he leads a team of more than 100 people to work tirelessly on research and development, and has developed five new varieties in 2021 alone.”For example, in the TPE infusion set, 50% of nursing supplies used to be made of plasticizer, but this material is harmful to human health. We decided to change the material, but there were many objections.But Secretary Chen insisted on doing this, so it took us seven years to make this product. Up to now, there is no such material abroad, and we are the only one.”Yin jinghua proudly said, “So far, the revenue of TPE infusion set is nearly 6 billion yuan. Without Chen’s insistence, there would not have been innovation and progress in medical devices.”Not only TPE infusion device, weigao has filled the gap of Medical equipment in China bit by bit through innovation and development over the years.More than 100 products, including high-end infusion supplies, polysulphone membrane dialyzer, orthopedic materials, prefilled syringes, indent needles and transfusion supplies, have broken foreign monopolies and saved China more than 300 billion yuan at lower prices.Among them, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material spent more than 7 years;Miaoshou minimally invasive surgical robot not only broke the foreign technology monopoly of more than 20 years, but also “catch up” to the international forefront;Heart stents, once a “luxury item”, have fallen below 10,000 yuan and are still falling in price.Insulin syringes that used to cost 100 yuan per unit now cost 20 yuan per unit;Hemodialysis patients once from 1500 yuan to 300 yuan now…When Yin jinghua used “courageous genius” to evaluate Chen Xueli, Chen Xueli laughed and turned to shout at him, “Joking, blowing each other!”A reporter asked, “You say you have never read a book and are a real farmer. How can you lead an academician?”Chen Xueli answered without hesitation, “I have more than 100 academician friends.If you want to lead him and manage him, you must respect him. You must make him feel that you really respect him.That’s how relationships are built.”In the interview, Chen Xueli always calls the partner “make friends”.He looked for experts and opened up markets with the mentality of making friends, and won support and support with mutual respect between friends.This is just as Weigao put forward the conscience, sincerity, loyalty “three heart” values, in Chen Xueli’s opinion, “life is not sincere, there will be no friends, if Weigao does not speak conscience, not sincere, not loyal, who will choose Weigao, and Weigao together in times of trouble?”Chen Xueli, former chairman of the board of Directors of Weihai Weigao International Medical Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was interviewed by the reporter of Dazhong · Poster News.In January 2021, Weigao Group successfully completed the transition, and Chen Lin, who stepped out from the grassroots of the branch, took over as chairman, starting a new round of strategic layout of the group.The average age of the new leadership is around 40.Speaking of the company’s development in 2022, Chen xueli hopes that the new team can keep in mind the values of “three hearts” and the eight-character policy of “pioneering, innovative, realistic and consolidated”, and continue to innovate, expand, consolidate and develop continuously.”I can’t get involved in the specifics of management. If they get involved, they can’t do it. But I care about the formulation of policies and the fulfillment of plans.”Chen Xueli thinks, as the enterprise manager, must be a model, take the lead.Thirty-four years ago, Chen Xueli put forward “six requirements” for managers when he founded his business: one must have the ability to judge, two must have the ability to make decisions, three must have the ability to organize, four must have the ability to command, five must have the ability to control, six must have the ability to coordinate.”As an entrepreneur, we need accurate judgment and steady decision making, but the most important thing is innovation.”Chen Xueli said, “An enterprise without responsibility and social conscience will not go far.Weigao is recognized and concerned by the society because of its products.The development of medical devices is endless, but no matter how the industry changes, there is a constant is to know who is the enterprise?Is the country, is the party, the Party put forward to achieve common prosperity, and weigao must rely on the collective energy, so that we really do like-minded, to achieve common prosperity.”The big enterprises, for the country.As a national brand in the medical device manufacturing industry, Weigao has been shouldered the responsibility of actively practicing the healthy China strategy.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the market size of China’s medical equipment industry increases from 480 billion yuan in 2015 to 840 billion yuan in 2020, and China has become the second largest medical device market in the world, second only to the United States.In 2021, weigao’s sales revenue exceeded 50 billion yuan, and weigao entered 11 fields among the world’s top 15 medical device market segments.Behind the rapid development, Chen Xueli always maintains a sense of crisis.Chen Xueli told reporters, “No matter how big the crisis is, we must stay sober.For example, we plan to launch 30-50 new products every year, because we realize that we are in such a crisis that without these products, our revenue will go back and the market will shrink.Every company and every person has a different way to live now, but Weigor has to do it, or there will be no room for us.””In the medical industry, we should benefit the country, the people, and finally ourselves.”Although Weigao has been “handed over”, Chen xueli still keeps the same living habits for many years: get up at 4:30 every morning, take a one-hour walk, wash at 5:30, eat at 5:45, start from home at 6 and arrive at the office before 7. 90% of his energy is focused on the development of the medical device industry.At the end of the interview, Chen Xueli, who always liked his employees to call him “Secretary Chen” instead of “President Chen” and “Chairman Chen”, quietly told the poster reporter, “Mr. Ren Zhengfei is my role model. He is very thoughtful and I respect him very much. I think his success is innovation.”