Beichuan introduced “expert witnesses” for the first time to assist in public interest litigation

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“Liu’s illegal fishing caused damage to beichuan’s fishery resources.In order to repair the damaged fishery resources, liu was advised to multiply and release 2,000 schizotrophin…”On February 25, the people’s Court of Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County held a public hearing on seven civil public interest lawsuits attached to criminal illegal fishing of aquatic products.In the trial, the county procuratorate invited the county Agriculture and Rural Bureau of fisheries and fisheries station senior engineer as an expert witness, appeared in court to accept public interest litigation petitioner inquiry, and put forward expert opinions on the case proliferation and discharge scheme, to answer the relevant questions.This is the first time that Beichuan has introduced people with expertise to testify in public interest litigation.The county court sentenced the seven cases of illegal fishing aquatic products in court, in addition to the criminal part of the judgment of each defendant to bear criminal responsibility, in the civil public interest litigation part of the defendant was sentenced to bear the proliferation of more than 11,600 fish fry.Subsequently, the county Procuratorate will supervise the defendants to do a good job of proliferation and release, to ensure the survival rate of fish fry, to ensure that the ecological environment is effectively restored.The reporter learned that public interest litigation cases involve a wide range of fields and strong professionalism, which requires the prosecution to play the role of “outside brain” in handling public interest litigation cases, introducing professional forces from the outside to assist, to help solve professional problems encountered in public interest litigation activities.The copyright of this article is due to the author. Ngo Will contact us if the source has been wrong or infringed on your legal rights.Email address: