More than 150 million users watched the 2022 China Online Audiovisual Annual Gala

2022-07-12 0 By

In early February, the National Radio and Television Administration organized the successful broadcast of “Chinese Dream — My Dream — 2022 China Online Audiovisual Annual Ceremony” jointly created by key online audiovisual platforms.On February 24th, the creation symposium of “Chinese Dream · My Dream — 2022 China Online Audio-visual Annual Gala” was held in Beijing.On the night of the broadcast, more than 150 million users watched the show, with more than 3.2 billion views on related topics on Weibo.Many wonderful programs in the ceremony became popular online, with more than 40 topics on the hot search list, and the short videos of related programs were played more than 600 million times.In addition to the official performance, the ceremony also released the “Network Audio-visual Industry to Build a Chinese Dream together to Welcome the twenty Big Proposal”, called on the whole industry to take social responsibility, adhere to the upward toward good, to build a clear network audio-visual home.National Radio and Television Administration party members, deputy director Yang Xiaowei said the scene, the ceremony gathered the main network audio-visual platform, in the network audio-visual space singing the “build a Chinese dream, forge ahead of the new journey” theme.He will do this year’s network audio-visual literature and art work, put forward four hopes: one is to closely follow the main theme, strengthen the mainstream thought public opinion, sing the theme of the new era.Second, we have adhered to the people’s position, recorded the great era, and continuously produced excellent works of online audio-visual literature and art.Three is to promote “art + technology” depth fusion, activate the network audio-visual industry, form and style, rich in Internet audio-visual program, to the masses to provide high quality integrated audio-visual content service, new look forward to better meet people’s audio-visual good life, at the same time guide for upgrading audiovisual consumption, better serve economic and social development.Fourth, we will develop new models of regulation, improve governance capacity, and foster a clean and upright industry ecosystem.