Life, do not complain, do not hate, do not insist, with fate calm

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Yangguo mother all fate, let nature take it, put it down, do not insist, do not persist, in order to live a calm life.Tired, let the heart rest;Hurt, put down the feeling;Pain, let go of the hand;Tired, let the pace slow down.In fact, the best life is to be able to pay attention to, but also to settle.A truly meaningful life is one that is flexible. One can polish life carefully, but also walk freely.To be both granular about principles and magnanimous about the world.Alive, once the resentment more, will let their hearts narrow, always have to plot against each other, on the contrary, if we can less resentment, less anger, then life will become more sunshine.Life is always a trade-off, love more, hate less, less obsession, more happiness, remember, every day to try to live a happy little, not for others, for yourself.Don’t complain: anything, there is always the answer, rather than worry, learn to accept.Past scenes, in the years of constant comfort scars, eventually became unreadable memories, look back, no familiarity, we shuttle in the secular scenery, each other become no longer seen passers-by.Can only gently hold the time, precipitate a small, wandering heart, come and go, while walking forget, lonely and lonely, all residual memories eventually become meaningless memories.Finally understand, this world all kinds of stories, but feeling hurt;Easy water people go, bright moon such as frost;This earth, only love hard to die, even if there are thousands of amorous feelings, and who said.This is the way things are in the world. What should come will come naturally. What should not come is useless.Life is full of changes, do not go with the flow, do not indulge desires, do something, do something, can calmly, quiet life, complain more, the more you lose.Life is not for complaining, complaining too much will weaken your strength to struggle, will hinder your steps forward, will let you into the whirlpool unable to extricate themselves.Try to be brave and open to everything that comes your way and accept the hardships that come your way.Life is a contest with life, do not insist, do not take, it is best to follow fate.The maturity of the mind is the need to experience the baptism of loneliness and loneliness.Life is like a stream, where it comes from, where it flows through, where it goes, it can’t be by itself, it doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, there’s a reason to come, there’s a reason to go, face it calmly, accept it cheerfully, complain about the mentality, it doesn’t help, and people are useless.Happiness is sometimes very simple, not deliberately, not hypocritical, not resentful, since will get the best perfect.Don’t hate: the end of the world is by the edge, should not hate.Through the journey of life, experienced the vicissitudes of the world, who will have a hesitation, there will be sadness, there will be bitter rain cold resentment, also have the month falling wu Ti’s melancholy, those who do not put hate, because hurt too deep.There is love, there is very, in this life, no one can escape, some pain of the past, will not disappear because of the passage of time, do not go to the opposite, do not deal with, it will always exist in your heart, from time to time to mess up your life now.Hate is a kind of emotional consumption, pressure in the heart too long, will be bitten back, let oneself hurt more seriously.Living life, want to experience many, tried many, many, but the gain and loss, gather and spread between, in the joys and sorrows, and who understand themselves because of love, all sorts of strange temptation, mute misunderstanding, a quirk of fate inadvertently hurt, we introduce hatred abyss, will be buried the power of love.When we suddenly look back, we find that most of the so-called enemies we used to hate are those who have been intimate with us, and even have a heart in sync with us. We can only sigh that the world is changeable, and only by putting down our thoughts can we have a better heart.Life between heaven and earth, this is a traveler;A white horse needs not a peep.We are all in a hurry, if most of the energy spent on this dog, that life is not meaningless.Vast world of mortals, all flourishing is the traveler of time, all desolate will vanish into thin air, life no matter how many vicissitudes of life experience, will enter natural reincarnation, all things have a certain number, everything cannot be forced and go, as long as try one’s best, follow the predestination at ease next.Many things in life can be met but not seek, deliberately forced not, and never expected to often come, therefore, we have to have a calm heart, do not complain, do not hate.Follow fate: do not insist, do not persist, the past is not investigated, tomorrow can be!Life’s joys and sorrows, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, are all tied to the heart, if the state of mind is good, there is no such difficulty, manage a good mood, your life will not be too bad.Everything knows how to see light fate, life is slowly relieved, gradually cheerful and smooth up.In this world, people who live happily, cultivate an indifferent state of mind, everything with fate, not embarrassed themselves, not forced others, and not the world opposition.Flowers and flowers fall, everything is changing, the fate of the time, must follow the fate, do not stay the feeling, do not overdo it, I believe that there will always be the right person to say good night, all things do not have to care too much, edge deep gather together, edge scattered with it.In fact, the more I grow up, the more I find that there are fewer and fewer people who can really speak from the heart, our mood is more and more complex, but no longer look forward to who comfort, can only let the past with the wind, the precipitation of the seal, let everything follow fate.As the saying goes, anyone who wants something, all the way is bitter;For too much, more suffering, rather than look at light, fate, put down, not extravagant, not obsession, not resentment, since there is already destined, why care, why care, give you time to precipitate yourself, give you time to see yourself, give you a choice.Life why such as first, but beg to sit up and take notice of the two, at the end of the fate, accept the fate of fulfill, or gather or scattered.Not reluctantly, not embellish, not hypocritical, xiaoxiao sasa, quietly wait, do yourself well, to know that any kind of relationship, understand you believe your people do not need to explain, conversely explain how much is meaningless.Flowers bloom and fall sometimes, let nature take its course fruit in the branch.Flowers must be predestined relationship, cherish the beautiful;Flowers fall must be fate, into time;Fruit is the chance, the edge in the years.