Hengzhou Avenue West park market section, temporary parking to “eat” ticket

2022-07-12 0 By

Hengyang Daily news (all media reporter Luo Wenpeng) “Hengzhou Avenue West park market at the entrance of the motor vehicle lane disorderly parking, seriously affecting other vehicles.”Citizens Mr. Tang recently hengzhou Avenue west park market section of the night vehicle disorderly parking disorderly put a call 12345 hotline, hope the relevant departments as soon as possible to solve this traffic safety hidden trouble.After receiving the public’s response, Hengyang High-tech Zone security commission office, the city traffic police detachment steam Hunan brigade and other departments immediately carry out rectification action, and issued the “on strengthening hengzhou Avenue West park market road section traffic order rectification notice”.”Notice” card prominently placed at the gate of the West garden market and Hengzhou Avenue in and out of the market.Among them, clear provisions: Hengzhou Avenue West park market road section of the main road and the auxiliary road ban temporary parking, where there are vehicles parked illegally, traffic police department to be punished according to law;The vehicles for transporting goods will enter the temporary transfer yard of changfeng Avenue and park at the south Extension section west of Xiyuan Market.At the same time, the traffic police and urban management departments also replied to the public that they would send personnel to control and guide the disorderly parking behavior of vehicles in the Peak hours of The Xiyuan Wholesale market.