Does the added value of Guangdong’s manufacturing industry surpass 90% of other countries?Don’t be complacent we are far from the top of the world

2022-07-12 0 By

Guangdong has become the first province in China to surpass the 12 trillion yuan mark with an 8% growth rate of 12.4 trillion yuan, once again taking the top spot in China’s GDP.What does 12 trillion mean? According to the prediction of foreign media, guangdong’s GDP level has surpassed Italy’s in the world and ranks among the world’s top 10, with the added value of manufacturing surpassing 90% of the world’s countries.It is no exaggeration to say that Nowadays Guangdong is extremely rich.Of course, if we only look at the data, the rapid progress of Guangdong is really worth our pride and pride.But don’t forget we are still a developing country, we and the world leading level in many fields and there is a big gap, although GDP represents the regional economic level and development condition, but the real hard power depending on science and technology, education, health care, culture and other aspects of comprehensive comparison, although we have achieved good grades, can be proud of, but not complacent.We are in the laser industry, which is one of the manufacturing industries with rapid development in China in recent years. Guangdong also has a great influence in the laser field, including the industry leader of large laser, whose headquarters is in Shenzhen.Although the scale of our laser industry has not lost to foreign countries, but high-end technology, or to see Germany and the United States, Germany trumpf laser equipment is recognized as the top of the industry, such as the convergence of countless cutting-edge technology lithography machine, its internal laser accessories, its main supplier is Germany Trumpf.The experience of the laser industry is a microcosm of the manufacturing industry, but also the plight of the domestic manufacturing industry in general — although there is an advantage in scale, but not in technology and brand.In recent years, industrial upgrading, which is often mentioned, is one of the solutions to the industry’s difficulties.In addition to high and new technology, unbalanced regional development is also a problem we need to face when it comes to the guangdong economic development, the government has repeatedly stressed that guangdong is the highest province in the national economy, but also the most unbalanced regional development in the province, guangdong “eldest brother” although with shenzhen, guangzhou, foshan, the city of dongguan 4 trillions, but in guangdong, west, north guangdong,There are also several cities with lower economic levels, or even lower than the national average.Looking at the manufacturing sector, it is even more so. Within the pearl River Delta cities, the well-known related enterprises in Guangdong are mainly concentrated in Shenzhen and Guangzhong, and the remaining small number of enterprises are distributed in Foshan, Dongguan and Zhuhai. The rest are huizhou, Zhongshan and other places, and the manufacturing industry is mainly composed of small and medium-sized enterprises.The road to rise is difficult and tortuous. The right way is to be down-to-earth.Manufacturing rare shortcut, only real accumulation to achieve thorough boom, the industry’s leading supplier of foreign majority has dozens of hundreds of years of history, although we hard work, but also can’t suddenly catch up the gap of a few decades, the success is to be proud, but the gap in order to catch up in the face.