Zhou Daxin | drink a cup of yellow wine homesickness

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When I was young, in my hometown of Dengzhou, Henan province, when it comes to drinking, it means drinking yellow rice wine.At that time, baijiu was rare and too expensive for ordinary people to drink.What is important is that drinking yellow rice wine is a tradition handed down from ancestors. Therefore, when I was young, when people said drinking, they meant drinking yellow rice wine.Yellow rice wine is made from millet, or wine grain.Every year after the autumn harvest, the general family will make a jar of wine at home.I remember that at that time, my father always washed the wine and rice with the help of my mother, and then began to cook. After smelling the aroma of rice being steamed, he began to mix the wine yeast in the rice, then ladled it into the wine VAT, covered the head and body of the wine VAT with cotton fabric, and surrounded the wine VAT with wheat straw, and placed it in a corner of the house to ferment.After a few days, the room began to smell of wine.At this time, my father would open the head of the cylinder, scoop out a bowl with a spoon, and mix it with boiling water for us to taste, usually a few mouthfuls each, not to drink too much.At that time I had no interest in wine, nor did I feel that it was good, only that it was sweet.After tasting it, my father would seal the head and save it for Chinese New Year to celebrate the most important festival.The wine jar was quite big. If he could not finish drinking it during the Spring Festival, his father would seal up the rim of the jar with soft mud and keep it until the middle of summer.Yellow rice wine is very nutritious. People with deficiency heat a bowl of yellow rice wine mixed with water and then beat two poached eggs in the wine. It is a good product for curing deficiency.Some of our young women also use this method to recover after childbirth.Because of its nutrition, it is generally believed that yellow rice wine will not intoxicate, it is just a nutritious drink, you can rest assured to drink.Often heard on the wine table someone advised others to drink yellow wine said: drink drink, yellow wine can you get drunk?This is a misconception.I have suffered the loss of this statement, I can not remember how old, but it was in a village banquet, someone caught me running from table to table, jokingly asked me to drink rice wine.Maybe I was thirsty, or maybe the rice wine on the table that day was sweet, so I drank it boldly.Drinking rice wine in the countryside is a big bowl, I did not take a breath to drink a bowl of rice wine all down, I heard someone drink color, call: this boy is good, the future is a drink material!Perhaps out of bravado, hoping to hear more praise, I took a neighbor’s wine bowl from the table and gulped a few more sips.Later, I walked away from the wine table amid the cheers of the crowd. I just felt my legs weak and my body began to shake. I could not take more than ten steps, but I could not help jumping to the ground.It was noon the next day when I sobered up.I remember waking up a little confused, staring at my mother.My mother burst into tears, shook my arm and wiped away her tears. You’re scaring me to death!How dare you drink so much?Are you a silly guy?You drink when they tell you to?Not understanding my mother’s anger, I chuckled and got up.Mother pulled me by the ear: no more drinking, remember?I nodded my head, but my mother was not at ease and scared: Goodbye, you drink, I will break your legs!This drunken experience stayed with me.I did not remember much of my inebriation, but my mother’s anxiety and anger.Probably because of this, I was very careful every time I drank yellow rice wine from then on. I learned to push back from adults and warned myself not to get drunk.No matter who asks me to drink rice wine, I usually drink only half a bowl.I am confident that I can’t get drunk with half a bowl of yellow rice wine.But once I went to relatives during the Spring Festival. I only drank half a bowl of yellow rice wine in relatives’ house. As soon as I walked out of the gate of his courtyard, the wind blew my head, and I sat on the ground with two soft legs.I had to go home in the afternoon, but I had to put it off until dinner.When I got home, I didn’t dare tell my mother why I was late. I just said I had been delayed.When I grew up, I realized that drinking yellow wine is not drunk, not how much you drink, but in the wine you drink yan yan, that is, the concentration is not high.If you drink all wine without a little water, even if you drink a small amount, only half a bowl, you can still get drunk and knock you out in the wind.Later, we also know that if we use ditty more when making wine, the concentration of wine will not be high, and the situation of drunk people is less;If you use daqu, the sweetness of the wine will be reduced, but the degree will increase, people who can drink will feel satisfied, but this kind of wine is easy to take the head, causing windward.These two drunk let me know: drink yellow rice wine can not be careless!But I also became interested in drinking yellow rice wine.When the soldiers to the army, there is no chance to drink yellow wine, where the banquet, on the white wine.This is far from my preference for rice wine since childhood. In addition, as a soldier in the field army, I often eat cold rice and drink cold water when going out for training, which greatly reduces the digestive ability of the stomach and makes the liquor more irritating, so my interest in drinking liquor is even less high.Every time sit on the wine table, carry the white wine cup, deal with a few scenes on the matter.One year, I was a guest at a friend’s house. My friend probably knew that I love to drink yellow rice wine. He took out a case of ancient Yue Longshan wine from the house and said, “Yellow rice wine originated in the north, and the light is greater than that in the south.I heard it was to drink yellow wine, interest came, quickly began to open the bottle.When I became a soldier, I knew that Shaoxing wine was a famous yellow rice wine and had greater influence than Our Dengzhou yellow rice wine in China, but it was the first time I really drank it that day.Because of the addition of shredded ginger and plum, the wine is also added to the heat, so shaoxing rice wine really taste very good, almost no stimulation.This made me lose vigilance, the heart began to relax, people began to get excited, words began to increase, hands began to dance, a cup of even a cup of drinking with others, unconsciously, I drank nearly two bottles of a person.By the time I was ready for dinner, I felt dizzy and wanted to shake my chopstick hands.I mentally told myself: You can’t fall, today you are the guest, there are ladies with you, if you fall it will be too humiliating!I grabbed a bowl of noodles served by the housewife, hoping to subdue the wine that was threatening to turn me over, but I felt worse and worse. The noodles were churning in my stomach as if I wanted to rush out of the room, and more importantly, my eyes were double.I have to get out of here now!I pretended to see a mobile phone, say: sorry, home information to say something urgent, I have to go back to deal with immediately, you continue to chat, I this leave!As he said, he stood up and tried not to shake his legs. After walking out of the door, he reluctantly turned back and clasped his fist and made a bow to all the people who saw him off.Insist to just on the taxi, the car has not opened a hundred meters, I will wow 1 vomit, vomit in the car in a complete mess, vomit taxi driver anger loudly complained.Later, I gave the taxi driver 300 yuan to finish the job…Since then, I drink less yellow rice wine.Vomit wine, too uncomfortable and embarrassing!However, for the henan province someone who brought the rice wine, still can’t help but drink a few mouth, because one drank the wine, I will think of hometown house, farmland, pigs, sheep, canals, Bridges, remind of willows hung in front of the roof, Indian corn and chili, remind of long cattle dogs called and messy, will solve the thought of my hometown, the in the mind will be particularly comfortable peaceful.Just the amount, no more dare!(Host: Ding Fan) Original title: zhou Daxin | Drink a Glass of Yellow Rice Wine to Relieve homesickness