Today and tomorrow, the weather is dry in summer, so pay attention to fire prevention

2022-07-11 0 By

China weather network news by the upper ridge control, today and tomorrow (8 to 9) Hunan sunny hot weather, the highest temperature will reach more than 30℃, experience the first version of summer.However, high temperature, less precipitation, today and tomorrow hunan dry weather, need to pay attention to fire prevention.Recently, Hunan once again joined the warming channel, monitoring shows that the province yesterday sunny days cloudy, the highest temperature around 30℃, warm and hot.Changsha is sunny today.The meteorological station of Hunan province expects less rainfall in the coming week, with sunny days today and tomorrow, showers in the daytime on The 10th, and a strong round of rain in the daytime on the 12th and 13th.In terms of temperature, the temperature in Hunan rose gradually before the 11th, and it was warm and hot like summer.Specifically, today sunny cloudy, the highest temperature 29 ~ 31℃, the lowest temperature in Western Hunan 11 ~ 13℃, other areas 13 ~ 15℃;Tomorrow sunny to cloudy, the highest temperature in Western Hunan 26 ~ 28℃, other areas 28 ~ 30℃, the lowest temperature 14 ~ 16℃;The 10th is cloudy, with scattered showers in the west of Loudi and the north of Shaoyang. The highest temperature is 28 ~ 30℃, and the lowest temperature is 16 ~ 18℃.Meteorological experts remind hunan recently high temperature, little precipitation, forest fire risk meteorological level is high, relevant departments and the public need to do a good job of fire prevention measures.(Photo/Dai Shuaru