The next three days will be mainly cloudy

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Happy New Year Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. Houma Meteorological Office wishes you all a happy New Year of the TigerThe temperature is low today and the temperature difference between day and night is large. According to the meteorological monitoring, the lowest temperature is -6.2℃, the highest temperature is 5.2℃. The trend of the weather will be affected by the westerly air flow in the next three daysTake time to visit friends and relatives It is important to note The temperature is some low Especially the night temperature is chill The maximum must pay attention to cold warm With better weather Forest fire danger rating will be increased Please do not consciously purchase, storage, fireworks Safeguard public security Create a safe and comfortable living environmentFinally, I wish you all have a peaceful and healthy Spring Festival. The specific forecast is as follows for Chinese athletes come on 01 night to 02 day: cloudy, -5.0℃ ~ 5.0℃02 night to 03 day: cloudy, -6.0℃ ~ 7.0℃03 night to 04 day:Fine, north wind 3-4, -4.0℃ ~ 9.0℃04 night to 05 day: clear to cloudy, -6.0℃ ~ 5.0℃05 night to 06 day: light snow to sleet, northeast wind 3-4 wind 3-4, -3.0℃ ~ 2.0℃06 night to 07 day:Light snow to cloudy, -3.0℃ ~ 2.0℃07 night to 08 day: cloudy, -6.0℃ ~ 4.0℃