The basket net three titans disband carry pot person ranking!Nash culprit

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The Nets’ path to a championship this season has been rocky, and now Harden is embroiled in trade rumors.Based on the current state of the Nets, with Kyrie part-time and Kevin Durant injured, the Big three is on the verge of disintegration.If Nash is to blame for the collapse of the big three, Duo is also to blame.Harden came to the Nets last season to form a triumvirate with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, plus Blake Griffin.This is the first time that the coach has a good hand, but the regular season, Durant was injured for half of the season, Irving occasionally rest, although the nets record all the way through the regular season, but the three really have little time to work together.Having the Big three has been extremely consistent, so the rest of the big three should be increased, especially harden’s use.Entering the playoffs, the nets suffered injuries, the primary reason is indeed the Bucks defensive yardstick is too large, but Nash is also extremely stubborn in the idea of human rotation.Jordan was stuck on the bench, the Bucks’ defense was too big for Steve Nash, and he lacked a competitive mentality.The manager has to stand up when a player is being treated unfairly, otherwise it’s really hard to beat and it hurts morale.The Nets had high hopes at the start of the season, but Irving had to work part-time because of a vaccine problem.A coach should have stopped it and dealt with it, and Nash did nothing.The over-reliance on Durant has resulted in adu getting injured and young players not getting a chance to advance.As a coach, Nash lacked competitiveness, courage and audacity.Good big three let Nash use the pieces!No. 2: Kyrie Irving was an on-and-off player last season and had no idea what to do with his team.Doesn’t have the quality that a professional player should have, and this season has made the Nets into a two-star team.In his three seasons with the Nets, Irving played in only 85 games, which is a sign of his attendance.Owen is still working part-time, and his style of play is mostly self-defeating.Irving may be the least in tune of the big three as he can’t run the offense without Harden.Playing style partial independence, thought and stubborn, the main reason for his absence is simply difficult to understand.Such a professional attitude would be hard for any player to spark!Durant’s injuries have been frequent since the day of the big Three, and it’s hard to deny that Durant’s individual ability is still at the top level.But he played in just 71 games with the Nets.Almost half the time.However, fortunately, Durant can bring effect and value to the ball as long as he plays, which is obvious that Irving does not go to Adu, but Durant as the core of the team’s own temperament and charisma still need to improve, especially for the morale of the team and the requirements of each player.The point is that Durant is inferior to lebron and can’t even be the boss with Kyrie.Joe Harris was one of the most highly anticipated shooters in the Nets’ early years outside the Big three.The Nets were off their game last season against the Bucks and off the ball this season, leaving them without a top shooter who can shoot and off the ball.And his $17 million-plus a year salary left the Nets with little room to maneuver and tinker with their roster.Harris has become the biggest X factor on the way to the nets’ championship in the last two seasons, and the three giants will disintegrate his stay in the countdown.