Pingyi Public Security Bureau continues to carry out the “big hands together for the future” volunteer service activities

2022-07-11 0 By

Recently, Pingyi County public Security Bureau organized party members auxiliary police to the first secretary of the village of Zhongcun Village Meijiagou village, carried out “big hands together to the future” new era civilization practice theme activities.Political office, police security room, anti-fraud center, propaganda section, Zhongcun police station party members, auxiliary police and Meijiagou village two committee cadres, grid members, volunteers to participate in activities.This is the second theme activity since the establishment of the first secretary village (New Era Civilization Practice Station) of Pingyi County Public Security Bureau.During the activity, the first staff visited the first activity to determine the help service family Yang mou home, sent bedding and other articles of daily use, the organization of the family courtyard was cleaned up, and the family agreed to the next courtyard hardening, the construction of “love cabin” and other help plan;Then, continue to visit the other three support services for families, to rice, flour, articles for daily use, such as the in-depth discussion exchange, details about their family situation, the patients’ medical treatment process, students’ learning status, to implement relevant policies, difficulties and problems of the family, and so on and so forth, encouraging them to care, care of the party committees and governments in the attention of people from all walks of life,Strengthen confidence in life, overcome temporary difficulties, set up learning goals, and strive for a happy life and a better future together