On the eve of the Spring Festival, Chen Zhongyue went to the command center for work inspection and visited the frontline staff

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On the eve of the Spring Festival on January 30 in the afternoon, China unicom group company general manager Chen Zhongyue a line into the games during the command center, check during the Spring Festival and the winter Olympics opening on the eve of the center in the games network security, customer service, epidemic prevention and control work and so on various aspects to carry out the situation, the on-duty arrangement, look at the working site, the swap discussion, visit condolences to frontline employees,On behalf of the Group, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and New Year wishes to all the staff and their families who worked overtime during the festival.Chen Zhongyue has traveled to the China unicom games marketing center, wisdom, business center, the games are games are innovation network security command center, the games are customer hospitality command center, epidemic prevention and control center with the games games-time headquarters, listens to the head of the center report, fully affirmed the achievements at present stage.Chen Zhongyue said the Olympics, to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary important instructions and earnestly implement the party central committee all policy decisions, according to the group games games-time command center of each work deployment, go all out, pays special attention to during the Spring Festival and the winter Olympics relentlessly during the communication security and epidemic prevention and control work,We will ensure that the requirements of “simplicity, safety and splendor” are fully implemented, and ensure the successful completion of all guarantee work for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Chen Zhongyue listened to the winter Olympics publicity and marketing command center each group work report in the Winter Olympics publicity and marketing command center, Chen Zhongyue listened to each group work report and give affirmation.He pointed out that we should start from the source and make sure everything goes right.Each group should focus on important nodes, important activities, in-depth excavation of features and highlights, innovative publicity methods, science popularization of various unicom “black technology”, vivid and vivid tell the story of the Winter Olympics, do a good job in operation management and marketing services.In the Wisdom Winter Olympics Innovation Business Command Center, provincial branches showed online the current work progress. Chen Zhongyue visited the frontline personnel on duty and gave on-site guidance.He pointed out that the innovation business should focus on “science and technology Winter Olympics, smart Winter Olympics”, fully display Unicom’s innovation achievements, around the three scenarios of watching the games, organizing the games, participating in the three scenarios, from the perspective of multiple specific scenarios and customers.Chen Zhongyue view in the center of the games are network security network running index Chen Zhongyue listen to China unicom report on the work of the emergency command center in the games network security command center, Chen Zhongyue looked at the network operation indicators, to understand the situation on duty during the Spring Festival, stressing the need to strengthen coordination, focusing on opening and closing ceremonies big moment, key nodes, such as the main scene, eliminate problems hidden trouble,Carry out monitoring inspection, strengthen investigation and drill, strengthen professional coordination, prepare emergency measures, withstand the test of heavy traffic in major scenes, and ensure network security and smooth flow.Chen Zhongyue inquired about the preparations for customer service in the Customer Hospitality Command Center for the Winter Olympics Chen Zhongyue inquired about the preparations for customer service in detail and recalled his own experience in serving customers at the front line.He pointed out that hospitality work should start from the details, show the connectivity elements, ensure cross-center, cross-domain, cross-border coverage, while meeting all the service needs of people involved.At the Command center for Epidemic Prevention and control of the Winter Olympics, Chen affirmed the current arrangements for epidemic prevention and control, stressing the need to implement the requirements of “one museum, one exhibition, one store, one policy” to achieve precise prevention and control.At the same time, it is necessary to fully consider the impact of the epidemic on communication security, formulate plans, take measures to isolate key posts in advance, and ensure the timely arrival of replacement personnel.Group vice general manager Buy Yanzhou, Liang Baojun, He Biao, Tang Yongbo accompanied the investigation.